Spring Into Spring: Part One

Spring has sprung! The weather has been fluctuating, but you can certainly feel it in the air. Whether you're looking to spring clean, have a spring fling or simply ready to spring into action, here at Temporary Princess, we have you covered! When I'm talking about spring cleaning, I'm of course referring to getting your body ready to receive warm kisses from the beams of the brightly shining sun! 

This means it's time to dehair, descale and decide what colour to paint the toes for sandal season! Schick Intuition has a razor that moisturises while shaving, and it literally feels like you're running a bar of soap over your legs, leaving the skin smooth and beautiful. With four blades, coconut milk and almond oil, you'll be feeling like a dolphin (ie all sleek and smooth) in no time!

If you're a waxer, Waxaway has some serious waxing products for those in need of a massive overhaul post Winter. The Salon Pro Hard Wax can take a little bit of getting used to, if you're not the type to wax often, as there are also strips to content with. However, if you're keen on getting all those pesky hairs right off (and let's face it, there's something incredibly satisfying about seeing all those hairs on the cloth), then the Waxaway Salon Pro Hard Wax combined with their waxing kit could be what you need. Sounds odd, but growing up with sisters, we did some beauty rituals together, and this could be a great time to have a waxing party, so if you're too nervous to yank the strips off, then someone else could do this for you!

Andrea has hair strips that can be handy for quick touch ups, or you're on the move. These come in assorted sizes, and I'm quite keen on these for the upper lip fuzz. If waxing isn't for you, or you like combining your rituals to save on time, then the Andrea Roll On Hair Remover Creme might be right up your alley! For more information, you can read my review here

Whatever you do, don't forget the nitty gritty, which is that when you remove hairs, sometimes, ingrowns can occur. My absolute favourite on the market is the Bump eRaiser paste, where a little goes a long way. This comes out as a paste, but it's quite easy to spread over the skin. 

So when I say descale, I'm talking about getting ready for sandal season by tending to your paws - all four of them! 

Starting from toe to top, Skin Republic has a variety of foot treatments, ranging from a foot peel, which I'm dying to try, to a foot mask to keep the skin soft, to even one for those self conscious about their funky foot scents! These are also wallet friendly in that they aren't expensive - perfect for the time poor, as you can pop them on, and keep doing other things at home.

If you'd prefer maintenance tools that you can reuse over and over again, Manicare will be able to sort out your needs. To deal with those rough bits of skin around the heel, a pedicure file would help smooth things over, while those looking to really pare back may look at trying the corn plane. I didn't even know that the corn plane existed, and I seriously want to try it out on my husband. Watch this space! 

Finally, after removing all the bits you don't want, it's time to soak and moisturise your little piggies! Bathefex's epsom salt foot bath will soothe your sole (and relax your soul), and The Body Shop's peppermint cooling foot lotion would be an excellent accompaniment to keep the tootsies happy after a long soak.

Now that you're sufficiently dehaired and descaled, it's time for the pretty! Dip your toe into the Spring colours and patterns with some pastels and florals! OPI's Retro Summer limited edition collection is filled with six candy coloured shades, four of which are in a mini pack, and will tide nicely over this season. If you're into Easter egg colours, then Sally Hansen's complete salon manicure's five limited edition shades, all of which are in the new formula with added keratin to strengthen the nails. 

If you're looking for a good excuse to spend money at Sephora, consider their home brand of nail polish, Formula X. One of my favourite reds comes from them, and I like the smooth formula. This little coral number will be on my toenails intermittently over the Summer - how cute will it look at the beach with a dark bikini? Sick of pastels, but into your brights? DARE nail polishes come in the cutest little rectangle bottles and a variety of shades. I'm particularly in love with Fancy Fairy - aside from it's cute name, it's a metallic fuschia, which just screams fun! Speaking of fun, Jamberry nail wraps come in so many different colours and patterns, you'd definitely find something that tickles your fancy, such as this girly floral numbers!

If you're into polished (geddit?), then Manicare will be able to give you the French tips of your dreams, or at least a goal to work towards, with their Flawless French White. Finally, Manicare's collaboration with We Are Handsome means that when you're looking to take it all off (and put on another layer), you can use the nail polish remover pads, which would have been sitting prettily on your dressing table - cute to look at, and functional!

I hope this post gets you excited about Spring, and gives you some inspiration for how to get started on doing a your Spring overhaul! 

Do you start with your feet? What beauty routine are you most excited about at the start of Spring?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. I definitely enjoy giving myself a pedi when the warmer weather rolls around. My poor feet have been in need of some TLC since getting back from my holiday & that's exactly what I've been giving them!

    Will have to check out the new Manicare x We Are Handsome polish remover pads, although I'm still going through one from the last collaboration.

    1. Collaborations are awesome, aren't they?

  2. I really need to get my razor out and shave my legs, I've been trying to fake tan for weeks but too lazy!!


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