How To: Stay Burn-free And Look Cute This Summer *

Sun's out, bums out! There are many, many things I adore about Summer, including sunshine, ice cream cones and bare toes. However, there are many other things that I detest about Summer, and that's bugs, people who don't wear deodorant, and sun burns resulting in permanent damage to the skin.

Thankfully, Australia is lousy with sunscreen, and another brand to join the ranks in Priceline is the popular Sun Bum. They have a relatively vast range of products, going from a surprising SPF 15 in a spray, to a SPF 50 in the form of a lotion, as well as a tinted moisturiser and lip balms in many different flavours! 

Not only that, they also have skincare that looks after your burnt skin and to help reduce inflammation after too much time in the sun without reapplication. Keep in mind that the cool down products also come in spray form, and lotions, so you're pretty much covered for everything when it comes to protecting your skin, and it's aftercare, with Sun Bum!

If you have a little one to look after, they also have a Baby Bum range, which includes a Face Stick, both for convenience in terms of chucking it into your bag, and also to coat small squiggly ones that are trying to get away.

The sunscreens will give you UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection, be water resistant, and are gluten free, oil free and cruelty free. Those from the signature range are petroleum free and paraben free, for those who like to double check what they're spreading on their skin.

I did promise you looking cute in the title, and I wasn't kidding! Cotton On Body has been majoring turning it on in the last couple of years, and I was lucky enough to be sent this cute set that ticks a lot of boxes for me, including that I can actually swim with it in the ocean without having the bottom ripped off by the surf. I love the large rose gold clasp on it, which makes it easy to put on by myself, and the cups give me enough shape that I don't look awkward. Best of all, it's affordable, so that I can pick up a couple more pieces if I felt the need for variety. For more information on Cotton On swimwear, you can shop online at their site.

Who's excited to hit the beach this year? Don't forget to stock up on sunscreen and stay sun safe and burn free this year! For more information on Sun Bum, head to their site over here.

Time to confess - what's your preferred SPF?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration


  1. I prefer a lotion myself, but I have tried a spray before & used it for ages before switching to something else with a higher SPF. Having had 2 skin cancers removed from my face this year, I can no longer afford to be lax with sunscreen!

    I think I saw these guys whilst in America recently, might check them out at my next Priceline visit since I tend not to stick with the same sunscreen for too long.

  2. I love spray-on sunscreen and the higher SPF the better! Also good for coating kids!


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