New Brand Launch: Smile Makers

So, given that most of us are Priceline aficionados, or really, addicts, let's just face it, some of you who habitually wander into Priceline for a bit of a gander might have noticed a new brand available in store, and you might be asking - are you seeing what you're really seeing?

The answer is - YES! And I'm really excited about it, and not for the reasons that you might be thinking! Let's just take a moment and talk about sex. Did you know that while 75% of Australian women feel that sexual satisfaction is important to their overall well being, 4 in 10 are not sexually satisfied? How mind boggling is that? This means that while more than half of us think that this is essential, just under 50% of us aren't happy with what we're experiencing - that's really terrible! Thankfully, there are tools available to help.

Seeking to remedy that is a new brand that is launching in Priceline exclusively - Smile Makers! They are an award winning brand that strives to normalise and de-stigmatise sex toys, as they believe that a woman's sexual well being would lead to better health overall. That said, given that sex shops can be somewhat seedy and uncomfortable environments for quite a few women, and that it can also be more geared towards men, Priceline is a great middle ground. If you're embarrassed or shy about buying something like that, you can always hide it amongst your lipsticks in the basket, and given the neat and nonthreatening packaging, it's definitely something you can feel a lot more comfortable about.

There are 5 different personal massagers in the range, all named after fantasies to appeal on a global scale. There's even one call the Surfers, just right for the Aussies! There are also 2 lubricants in the range, and price points go from about $25 to $50 for the vibrators and $20 for the lubricants. 

Now that you've gotten this far into the post, you might be thinking - this all sounds good, but in a pharmacy? Before you go there, this brand has actually already launched in pharmacies in different parts of Asia, including Singapore and Malaysia, and both countries are more conservative than Australia, and it hasn't caused an uproar. I think this shows that there are many women out there who aren't piping up about what they want and are too shy to say anything.

I'm lucky in that I have sisters and quite a few girlfriends that I can have a proper dialogue with about love, life and sex. I believe that it's important to be open about it, and not just with your partner, because sometimes, you might have some questions, and occasionally, those are best answered over a glass of wine and many giggles with your nearest and dearest. 

So, for anyone who has had that as a burning question since seeing it in Priceline, I hope this answers it! 

How do you feel about this? What are your thoughts on sexual health impacting on your overall well being?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration


  1. Great review, lovely! I'm still a little conflicted about this... on the one hand I think it's so amazing to give women a more friendly atmosphere to shop in, but on the other hand..I'm like, but a pharmacy?! I loved your points though, and you're very right, the packaging is neutral enough that it neutralises the embarrassment factor! Never knew they were in Asia, I must have walked right by it!


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