Spring into Spring: Part Four

Do you know what else I love about Spring, aside from the longer days, warmer hours and ice cream? That there are flowers everywhere, and that I can start to wear softer scents again!

Of course, those perks aren't without their drawbacks. For example, you can't layer on the lotion, even though you want to stay moisturised, because heavy lotions just end up feeling sticky and tacky on the skin, sitting on it, rather than getting absorbed. Thankfully, Vaseline has a great solution to that with their spray moisturisers, including the intensive care version of it, which means extra moisturisation in one spritz!

If you'd rather cover both your moisturisation and scent needs in one fell swoop, then a perfumed moisturiser could be your best friend this Spring/Summer time! Miu Miu's gorgeous scent, which I did a little dress pairing with in this post, comes in the form of a body lotion as well, which means that if you'd prefer a lighter scent all over your body, this is something to look into.

Speaking of light scents, if you find Spring overwhelming when it comes to smells (some good, some bad, let's face it), and a good happy scrub in the shower sets the tone for you, you could maybe do with some brightly coloured shower gels in the caddy. Philosophy's Senorita Margarita serves as a shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath all in one, and this has a zesty citrus kick to it, which means that if you're a morning shower person, then this would wake you up sufficiently!

Sephora has a variety of bath and body products with cute prints and depending on the time of year, you could get shower gels with stuff in them, like hearts in the Valentine's Day range, or glitter in last year's Christmas set. Given that these are really slim, they also fit really well into the shower caddy too!

The very last thing I tend to do before I leave home is spritz myself with a little something lovely, and for Spring, it's all about the light scents! If you're looking for something sweet for a young girl, to introduce her to the world of perfumes, So...? Eternal combines vanilla, sandalwood and pink peppercorn, all culminating into something that just about smells pink - that's how girly it is!

If you're looking for something a little more grown up, but still affordable, the Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT by The Body Shop is a crisp, pretty scent that mixes cherry blossom and magnolia. This also comes in a feminine dome bottle that is a pale pink. This is the perfect, cool Spring morning scent - when there is a promise of better things to comes in the air.

Weleda has now branched out into scents - did you know? I was very pleasantly surprised by this discovery a couple of months ago, and I'm glad I did, because their pomegranate natural perfume is an uplifting citrusy scent that is appropriate for warm, sunny afternoons! This comes in a slender bottle that fits in very nicely on my overcrowded dressing table, too, which is awesome! I'm also going to try to hunt down a bottle of their rose perfume, as I'm a big fan of rose scented products.

For a transitional Spring scent, Balenciaga's Florabotanica definitely hits the right notes, with carnation, rose, mint, amber and vetiver. This is both fresh and beautiful, and it makes me want to put on a floaty dress and hold a cocktail in my hand. I love that it's both combination of sweet and sexy, and best of all, it's also a little playful, which is what Spring alludes to.

So this Spring, aside from soaking up rays, make sure you're also soaking up some scents!

What's your favourite Spring perfume?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration


  1. I was looking at Weleda's bottle of fragrance and had to look twice because I thought my mind was tricking my eyes! Wow, I've always known them for excellent hand cream and skinfood. THis is a nice move!


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