Girls' Night In For Breast Cancer Awareness

So, a few months ago, I thought it'd be a good idea to hold a Cancer Council Girls' Night In event. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, this is an event that raises awareness about breast cancer, as well as money for the Cancer Council, and it also gives you a chance to catch up with your friends. 

Not that we should ever need an excuse for catching up, but this way, you can gab with your girlfriends and it's all for a good cause - win win, right?

Well, I thought so too, so I signed up and then, horror of horrors, I couldn't think of one way to raise funds! The idea behind the Girls' Night In is that instead of spending the funds you normally would on a night out, you could do something budget friendly (but still fun) and put that money into the Cancer Council kitty instead.

The problem was that I was fixated on value for money, but I wanted to create and experience that wasn't going to cost an arm and a leg for people attending, so, with that in mind, and with suggestions from a few people, I managed to come up with an 80s movie night!

The theme was colourful and outrageous, so that on social media, we could raise awareness about breast cancer, while giving us a chance to be silly and have fun with out outfits. It also gave me a chance to revisit a movie made in the 80s, but released in 1990 - Pretty Woman!

I requested a gold coin donation from each guest that evening (which was my husband's idea). but best of all, I found an effective way to declutter while fundraising - a raffle where every ticket you bought got you a lucky dip!

That genius idea came from something a friend suggested, and it was a big hoarder detox, while doing something positive for society. Thanks to the very generous donations from various companies for the prizes, we not only had a great evening in, but we also managed to raise $1090 for the Cancer Council!

My gratitude also goes out to everyone who donated, helped out, volunteered to be of service and turned up. While $1090 may not sound like much, it's over twice what I was aiming for and we hopefully got people thinking about checking for lumps regularly through our silly pictures on Instagram!

A huge thank you also to my wonderful and supportive husband, who made some excellent suggestions and paid for the food, which he referred to as his donation.

Thank you again to all the companies that donated prizes to us! We couldn't have done it without you!
- Enbacci
- RosehipPLUS
- Natura Siberica
- QV
- Bhave hair care
- Coty PR
- Natralus
- Smoking Barrels BBQ
- Wine Ark
- Friends who donated prizes

Please take this moment this October and Breast Cancer Awareness month to check yourself and ask others to do so. A week after the event, I found out that an aunt of mine was just diagnosed with it and underwent surgery recently. Have you checked yourself lately?