How To: Find The Motivation To Be Fighting Fit *

I've always been greatly into physical fitness - after all, there are only so many doughnuts you can eat without morphing into a wildebeest, right? And I do love those doughnuts! And chips and lollies and ice cream... You get the idea! That said, I'm sometimes lazy, and I don't always do what I should really do - let's face it, we sometimes just lack that bit of motivation! Don't fear, though, I'm here to help kick your butt into gear, AND in shape!

While cute outfits aren't a must (after all, you're just sweating it out), they can help make you feel the part, and as we all know, sometimes you have to fake it till you make it, and great workout gear could be helpful! Keep in mind that you don't have to splash out crazy amounts to look ready to work out - all you need to do is swing by Cotton On Body! They carry a range of active wear, from shorts (as pictured in the flatlay), to tops, bras and tights. Essentially, they have everything you could need for working out, except for shoes. 

As someone who was new to Cotton On Body clothing, I was very impressed by the quality of the clothes, particularly the tights! Sturdy and comfortable, I found them to not restrict my movement at all, while the loose top allowed enough airflow for me to not overheat. I was even more impressed by the price point! The tights don't go for more than $35 and considering the way they feel on, these are practically a bargain. 

Don't have time to drop by a store? You can look through their range online! I'll also be heading in store to have a gander at their bras, because I'm in desperate need of a few new ones!

Now that you're all kitted out and you've had a run around and you're ready to cool down and rest your aching muscles, you can treat yourself to a nice cup of tea for an extra boost! The Organic Trainer Exercise Tea in Berry + Hibiscus is meant to help reduce bloating, help with burning fat, reduce post exercise inflammation and provide a natural energy lift. This does have caffeine in it, and it also has green tea as part of the blend, as well as ginseng and ginger. This has a slightly sweet taste to it and smells delicious! You can read more about their different teas here.

I hope this gives you the inspiration you may need to push yourself off the couch and onto your feet. What do you do to get your blood pumping?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. I have never seen that kind of tea before! and my gosh you are flexible!

  2. I've been buying my fitness wear from Cotton On Body for years. I love it! I think Kmart have also stepped up their game too.

    Btw, your bridge is great! I can't get my arms to lengthen yet!

    1. I've seen your flex stuff on Instagram - I totally can't compare!


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