Review: Rimmel 15th Anniversary Collection by Kate *

Just when you think that Rimmel has done a stunning job with new releases, they come up with this one! To celebrate their 15th Anniversary of collaborating with Kate Moss, they released this set of six lipsticks packaged in rose gold. I mean, let's be honest here - who doesn't adore rose gold?

Did you know that Kate has done about 40 different campaigns with Rimmel over the 15 years? That's some serious longevity! Speaking of longevity, these lipsticks aren't just pretty on the outside, they are gorgeous on the inside, resulting in them being stunning on the lips

There are three nudes and three reds. The nudes, Rock 'N' Roll Nude, My Nude and Boho Nude, and the reds, Muse Red, Idol Red and Retro Red, were all picked by Kate Moss to be included in this particular release. Aside from the stunning packaging, what I love most about them is that they are pigmented, creamy and easy to wear. 

Rock 'N' Roll Nude is a pink based nude, while My Nude is really a 'my lips but better' type of lippie, and Boho Nude is a brown nude that works relatively well with my skin tone still. Idol Red is an orange based red, which is a little bright for me, while Muse Red is my wearable daytime red lippie, and Retro Red is a darker plum red that looks fabulous with my skintone. These have a semi-matte finish and they feel gorgeous on the lips.

These lipsticks are of the limited edition variety, so don't linger around the stand - pick them up and walk on over to the counter! At $13.95 per lipstick, this won't cost you the earth. 

You can pick these up from Priceline and all the usual other places that stock Rimmel, such as Target and Big W.

Have you picked up one or more of these babies yet? What's your favourite shade?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. i kinda wish there was more colour variety in this collection, I don't often wear nudes or reds! but like you said, so much love for the packaging!


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