Review: Candle Jewels Cucumber and Melon

Happy Tuesday, everyone!
I got an interesting gift from a wonderful friend, Miss SV, a week ago, and I just figured I'd share my thoughts on this for all of you lovelies out there. While it may be too late for Christmas, this is actually such a fun idea, it'd make a pretty good gift for tons of other occasions.

Candle Jewels is a company that makes soy candles, where the large ones have up to 120 hours of burn time, and each of them has a ring hidden inside! The rings are made from either stainless steel, silver, gold or platinum, and range from over $30 to $7000 - it just sounds like a lot of fun, and a bit of a (literal) treasure tucked away in it.

I was given the Cucumber Melon scent, and I've gone through about half of the candle now, and I can tell you that while it smells gorgeous, it doesn't tend to diffuse through the air like certain other brands do. It is, however, sufficient to fill up my bedroom, which isn't small, and is a soft, refreshing scent that doesn't overpower your senses.

I've also been able to see my ring for a bit now, but the frustrating thing is that the longer it burns, the softer the wax gets, and further it drops out of my grasp! Haha... Dammit! It's a wonderful gift, despite the scent being a little bit soft. Excellent value too, when you think about it!

You can find out more about the company here. They are based in Queensland and the candles retail at $34.95 each, which feels like excellent value, considering what's inside, and they also do melts!

Does you find this concept interesting? Or would you find it a little frustrating (while exciting) like me?


  1. This is an EXCELLENT gift idea!!!! I love candles, but I always feel a little dull when people give me candles all the time, this is perfect for christmas ^_^

    1. I just love that there's something left (and it's so shiny!) after the candle's gone!

  2. sounds very interesting. I've been trying to get into candles {went to a damn PartyLite party and now I sort of have to love them!! Oops! lol} but with four kids in the house they're a little scary.. :)

    1. I agree - open flames and children? Probably not a good mix! Scented candles are so good, though!


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