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 Hello, all you lovelies!
I hope no one is still running around, trying to get gifts at the moment - it's a madhouse out there! As someone who is generally really eager to get her hands on her presents, I'm finding the tree way too tempting, and as such, was very grateful last week to get a wonderful parcel from the lovely Citra, at FaithHopeLoving, over in WA, as part of my participation in Jasmine's KK at Sweetaholic Beauty. For those who haven't been to either blog before, I highly recommend that you pop around!

Enough chit chat, who wants to see what I got?

Here it is! How gorgeous is this? As it turned out, we got each other as our KK (how funny is that?), and she messaged me to ask me what I liked, and to check what my favourite colour was. I was pretty intrigued, and then my parcel arrived, which brightened up my week!

That's just the top layer! Here's what I found when I removed the top piece of tissue paper:

Let's get down to it! Each item was individually wrapped in red tissue paper, and they had a tag that left me wondering what was within!

In total, I got:
1) FOA Lip Crayon in Macaron - I really wanted to try this, but I was unwilling to get more makeup, believe it or not! I was trying to be good with my money, and lo and behold, it turned up in this box!

2) Christmas M&Ms - yum! Umm... They're already all gone!

3) Savvy by DB Lipstick in Guava - this looks like a great colour! I do quite like Savvy items, so this is going to be a great addition to my collection!

4) FOA LE Nail Polish in Bird of Paradise - ok, so I REALLY wanted this, and when Citra asked me, I suggested this as a present, and I'm so glad she got it! I love, love, love this colour! It's gorgeous! Thank you so much!

5) Essence Lash and Brow Gel - I don't tend to use anything like this, but it will be great for that moment when I really need something to tame the wild brows. This also means that I don't have this in my makeup bag, so thank you!

6) Essence Silky Touch Blush - I do love my Essence stuff, and I haven't tried one of their blushes yet, so this is wonderful!

7) The Face Shop Face Mask - I love face masks, and I really look forward to trying this one out! Also, I hope people don't get sick of those reviews, because there are TONS coming up!

8) Nature Republic Face Mask - as above! The next few months are going to be fun with all my masks to use up!

Thank you so very much, Citra, for your generous gifts! And everything is stuff that I can totally use! You're gorgeous!

This was so much fun, I can't wait to do another swap in the future! For those who would like to know what I got for her, have a peek over here!

Have you done a swap before? Would you be interested to do one?


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    1. I felt the same way! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Oh my comment must not have got through yesterday!
    I participated in sunnydaysandstarrynight.com 's christmas card exchange. I've only done KK with friends. this is such a great idea! You received a nice variety of goodies. couldn't help myself and popped over to faithhopeloving, oh my gooodddnesss!!! I want to be your KK next christmas :P

    1. :D Being my first blog KK, I think I was maybe a little over enthusiastic, but it was so much fun!

  3. I'm looking forward to your face mask reviews! I love them too, so it's always good to know which ones are worth trying :) I also have a couple of mask reviews coming up in the first weeks of Jan. x

    1. Then you'll be suitably pleased by the number of reviews I've got coming up! Can't wait to read yours!


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