Makeover Magic and Outfit of the Weekend!

Whaddya know, it's Wednesday! I just thought I'd share this little outfit that I wore over the weekend. I combined this floaty cream number from Lipsy with a pair of black leather Little Joe shoes and  my brand new, very purple, very soft, leather bag from my sisters from Marc Jacobs. A little oversized for the outfit, but looked great on my arm. 

I also curled my hair with my GHD and did a bit of a coloured smokey eye, which, unfortunately, you can't really see in the picture, but I got shots of someone else that you can see my handiwork on! Meet my guest, the gorgeous (VERY gorgeous) and funny Miss KH! 

Look at the merits of constant moisturizing! I started off by prepping her skin with some Porefessional by Benefit, which I know most people are familiar with, followed by a mixed base of BB creams by Missha and Garnier, and foundation by Stila. This was topped off by a dusting of translucent powder by Essence.

I moved onto the eyes, dipping into my Naked Palettes by Urban Decay, taking Verve from Naked 2 first and sweeping it across the lid, then a touch of Busted on the outer 1/3rd of the lid, followed by a smidgen of Blackout. Blending upwards, I then added some Hustle from the Naked palette along the crease. I finished off the eyes with a flick of black gel liner (now discontinued here!) by Essence. I ended with a few sweeps of They're Real! mascara by Benefit, after using my Shu Uemura eyelash curler. I mean, look at those lashes! They actually look unreal! How unfair is that? They are ALL hers!

A few strokes of the baked blush by Milani in Luminoso (see review here) and a bit of brow colour and wax by Tarte added a bit more oomph to the brows. Sadly, I ran out of time before I could get to her hair, but I thought I did do a bit of a spiffy job on her face! I did, however, finish her face off with some finishing spray by Australis, to seal it all in.

According to Miss KH, the makeup mostly held, but the base didn't last the night. This was, however, done in the morning for an evening event, so at least it held well enough!

What did you get up to over the weekend? Do you prefer to be on the giving, or receiving end of a makeover?


  1. You look gorgeous! I am envious of your pretty marc jacobs bag! I wish I had a sister sometimes! You did an excellent job on your friend, smokey brown is definitely the way to go. I can barely remember what I did during the weekend O_o.. is that bad? ... but I'm going to Carols in the Domain this weekend ^.^

    1. Haha! Just means you had a good one! Thank you - I was proud of my handiwork. She was happy with it, and felt pretty - big pat on my back for that one!

  2. I love the colour of your new bag!

    1. I love the bright purpleness of it! And it's soft! I feel a lot of wear for it coming up!


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