November Her Fashion Box review!

Ah, HFB, how amazing is it to get these lovely, heavy boxes filled with gorgeous goodies? Even though this did arrive quite late for being the November box, it wasn't really HFB's fault, seeing as Auspost was apparently hanging on to them for a while due to a communication issue. In any case, hello HFB!

Here's what I got in the month of November for my Feminine box:

It's all about pink, pink, pink! Even the paper was pink! Check out all of these items:
1) 'Power Puff' bracelet in pink
2) 'Ring Around a Rosie' bangle pack in hot pink
3) 'Laces at the Races' necklace in baby pink
4) 'The Twiggy' hair piece
5) Urban Rituelle Beachcomber Soothing Body Balm in Island Citrus - this smells both fresh and citrusy and girly at the same time. Looking forward to giving this a go!
6) Orly nail polish in Peaceful Opposition
7) Orly nail polish in Snowcone
8) Orly Pedicure Separators
9) ModelCo Gel Eyeliner in black
10 ) Hallmark Signature Collection card that has a little blackboard on the front - super cute!
11) Hair donut - I've been looking at getting one of these, but never quite got around to it. Ta dah! Look at what turned up!
12) Bow ring as an extra for doing the survey last month
That's everything! My favourite items from this box are the hair donut, the nail polish in Peaceful Opposition, eyeliner and 'Laces at the Races' necklace. I think there are some tops that necklace is going to look great paired with! I'll be doing an update as I go along.
As an aside, for some odd reason, there was a splotch of nail polish on the outside of the bottle of Snowcone. When I contacted HFB, they said if it were a serious problem, they could send a replacement, but I did a quick swatch last night, and told them that it was alright. As always, HFB has been straight up with all correspondence - can't stress how good they have been with me every time!
The best thing about Her Fashion Box is that it tends to send me items that I might have thought about trying, but put off buying, or things that would have never crossed my mind, only to have them go with a number of outfits! I've worn a previous scarf to death (literally, it's going to have to go), a wrap around bracelet until it's faded, a ring that got numerous compliments and some interesting makeup items.
If you're thinking of signing up to Her Fashion Box, check them out here. They do retail at $40 per box, but if you get a few months in a go, you can save yourself a bit of a bundle!
What did you get in your box? Did anyone get a boxette?


  1. I like the bits and pieces of fashion in the box! Not too big on the nail polish since I have more than enough at the moment.

  2. Nice that they have been good with you- they didn't care about my broken clutch. I wouldn't go back to them now.

    1. That's gutting! I hate that you had a bad experience with them!

  3. Wow, lots of new goodies to play with.


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