Makeover Magic: The Miss SV Edition!

Meet the lovely, funny, and occasionally silly Miss SV! We were doing a bit of post work stalking of the halls of shopping areas in the city when I remembered my recent Lust Have It box's voucher for an eye makeover at the Benefit counter in Myer. Miss SV agreed to be the model for the pictures (what a sweetie!), and the very first shot is of her with light makeup on. 

She is wearing Benefit's They're Real! mascara as well, and I wish I took a picture of that for you guys, because they were really curly and LLLLLLOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGG. Granted, she did use an eyelash curler, but still... They were gorgeous at work - so much so I thought she was wearing falsies!

Aside from the mascara, there's no other eye makeup on in the picture above. Note the annoyingly good shape of her brows already!

Here are the brows, filled in just a little with some Brow Zings! It's just a little fuller, with a teensy bit of length at the end. 

What I did like at the counter was that the girl who did Miss SV's makeup didn't push any of the products onto us.She also created a bit of a nude/brown smokey eye, which made her look a little grown up!

Here's the finished product! Isn't she a cutie? I thought they did a very neat job on her!

Has anyone else had their makeup done at Benefit? Share your thoughts!


  1. OMG! Miss SV I love your hair! :)
    I've never had my makeup done at Benefit. Would love to though, the added smokey eye looks great and the They're Real Mascara is the best mascara ever!! xo

    1. It's a pretty good mascara! She is a cutie - I'll let her know you like her hair! I can't imagine her with normal hair ever.

  2. Gorgeousss!!! I love her hair ^_^

    Aww I took my voucher to the counter and they told me I had to pay $27 to get brow wax, then i'll get the tint for I threw the voucher out and they gave me two samples of porefessional... lol wth!!!


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