Her Fashion Box December Review!

Hello, wonderful people!
It's a beautiful day, and it's been made better by my Her Fashion Box delivery! Hello, gorgeous! This is the third and last beauty box for the year, and it made it to my place on Thursday! For the third and last time, I was disappointed, once again, when I opened the box and there wasn't a Christmas theme going on in it. They did try for a bit of a festive season thing, and also gave away 5 pink tickets randomly, which I sadly didn't receive, and these had different prizes attached to them.

Here is everything in the box, laid out in all it's glory! There's a voucher for $20 off your next Le Black Book (online clothing store) order, in addition to everything else. For the Feminine box this month, here's what I got:


1) Looking Glass Clutch - sadly, this is not to my taste. I found this a little too cheap for me, personally. It's pretty much a plastic makeup pouch, and I'll probably be using it as such. I don't like the idea of people being able to see what I'm carrying on me!


2)  ModelCo Eye Shadow Trio - hi again, ModelCo! I think you might have popped up about 6 times this year in different boxes, some good products, others, not quite to my taste. This looks promising, however! Given my recent slant to nude eyeshadows, I think it's fantastic that I got this in my box, thought the look of the trio in the Trendy box is far better! 

3) Fing'rs Edge Ombre - pink ombre kit! This will be great for Summer, just a little bit of fun on my fingers! I'm quite pleased with this kit!

4) White Glo toothpaste - handy, as it's something that I can tote around with me when I'm away on a long weekend. 

5) Killer Queen by Katy Perry - I've heard good things about this, but on the whole, I tend to lean away from celebrity scents. I will, however, give this a go, so we'll see!

6) Green Smoothie Co Super Booster - an additive for smoothies and such, I popped one into a chocolate shake, and it's a bit like having a blended side salad. Easy to swallow, considering that there wasn't that much of a taste with my shake, this is something I might look into getting!

7) Snow White Earrings - I've already worn these, and while they're not to my taste, I thought this was an interesting move out of my box, so thanks, HFB, for challenging me again! 

8) Rosie Royalty Necklace - sturdy looking, while feminine, this has been paired with a tank top and short shorts and it's really quite cute on! Another win!

9) Hair tie with a clip - this must be the bonus item for filling out the survey! I'm excited about this one, as I've never used one before, and this might make my look for work a little more polished. 

All in all, an interesting box mostly. For $40 per month, you can also sign up to Her Fashion Box through here. I also found two of my Instagram shots in the back page! Nice!

What did you get in your box? Are you happy with it?


  1. Oh very nice indeed to see your instagram pictures pop up on their page! ^_^ A decent looking box overall! I have the exact same eye shadow trio from Model-co. I haven't used it yet.. I've had it for a while actually. I got a free makeover down at their counter a few years back and wasn't quite convinced by their products.

    1. I like some of their items, not all of them, but I suppose that's pretty much the same across any brand!

  2. The earrings look pretty cool, and the nail polish would def be something I'd use, but it's only worth $12, so there's no way I would have got value for my money. I'm a sucker for celebrity scents at the moment! :)

    1. What's your favourite? I'm finding that the accessories are worth a go everytime I open the box, so it's well worth it for me!


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