Battle of the Marker Liners! Marc Jacobs vs ELF vs Essence

Happy end of year, my loves! Is everyone set for the next big party of the season? It's all recovery and exercising from that point on, and frankly, I can't wait! I think this overeating and overindulgence is something that I'm, well, a little over!

For the super strength, budge proof makeup for all the good cheer and hot weather, I have a little product that I want to rave about, but first, please admire Baby Prince photo bombing in the background. He doesn't like being left out sometimes, and really tries to get included. Please be assured that I gave him a big squeeze, after which he felt secure enough to leave me alone to do this post!

Look at it in all of it's shiny glory! Even the box looked too good for me to remove the marker, but it had to be done.

Gorgeous! It's a lovely shiny black curve case, with a nice sharp and firm tip, making it easy to draw with.

Left to right: ELF, Essence superfine, Essence I heart punk jumbo, Marc Jacobs

Look at the contrast in the colour black! If not for this swatch, I would think of black as the one colour, not different shades. I would put MJ as the blackest black, with ELF not too far behind. The ELF eyeliner pen also has a firm tip and the Essence superfine eyeliner pen has a softer tip to work with, while the Essence jumbo pen can be varied using either just the tip alone, or applied thicker on the lid by using more of the side.

As you can see, even after I washed my arm, the Marc Jacobs eyeliner stuck around for a bit! That's pretty impressive, considering that I used normal soap and water to scrub the others off!

Of all the eyeliner pens, I would say the Marc Jacobs one came out ahead in this race!

The downside? This can be quite unforgiving of any mistakes - so be careful!

Have you tried eyeliner pens? Which has been your favourite?


  1. The staying power of the MJ liner sure is impressive! But I agree that it might be an issue if you make a mistake...which I do a lot with my liner haha.

    1. Like I did today! Haha! I had to fix it with gel liner!

  2. Woah! I didn't know MJ made cosmetics!!! Very very impressive. I don't use a lot of liquid liner, but I quite like my ingrid millet liquid liner, the brush is very fine!

    1. I need to check it out - where can you get that?

  3. nice review :) I have never tried ELF liner :) xx


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