November Binned Things: Travel Edition

Hello, gorgeous girls!
Here's everything that I used up in New York and Canada! I won't go into too many details here, but I'll just point out my favourites from this bunch. I will also be putting up a birthday haul post (I know some of the very best people in the world and am very loved) at the end of the week, if you'd like to know what all of my lovely friends and family got for me.

Standout products include the Biolage shampoo, which smelled amazing, Maybelline BB cream, Lonvitalite 24 K gold mask, Etude House face mask and Biore facial wipe, which actually took off most of my makeup.
What do you take on your travels with you? Do you tend to over pack, under pack or get things just right?


  1. I haven't tried that face mask yet. I tend to overpack, which is completely inconvenient for a family with 4 kids!!! "Bit I will NEED all these" lol

    1. "But what if I run out of shampoo/toothpaste/hair treatment?" Panic! Hahaha... I love it!

    2. I love your overpacking, 2 nights in Brisbane = one MASSIVE suitcase!!hehe

    3. Hahahahaha!!! But it pays to be prepared!!!! Plus, Stanley liked picking through my stuff!


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