Spotlight: Aussie Brands That You Need To Love Part One

With Australia Day coming up, I realise that this can be a bit of a political hot button (as it should be!), and the focus on the blog isn't on that, so I'm going to steer clear of talking about what is also known as my best friend's birthday (happy birthday, Dona!), and instead, discuss the Aussie brands that you need to know more about, and that you also need to try out!

The first brand that I wanna talk about is a pretty obvious one - Australis! With that name, it would have been remiss of me had I not mentioned it. From their Girl Boss lip range to one of my all time favourite foundations, this is not just gorgeous, but also budget friendly! For some of the posts I've done on Australis over the years, head here and here, as well as here.

Cinch took my glow and raised it a notch. A brand that is great for the lazy girls who still want to look after their skin while doing the minimum, this collection, while not very big, does an excellent job. You can find my previous post over here.

Let's not forget about the wonderfulness that is Natralus! My absolute favourite brand of papaw ointment comes in a range of sizes, making it super easy for travel, family use and just one to chuck into the work drawer! While you're shopping with them, you need to check out their Intensive Skin Therapy Moisturising Lotion - don't let the name fool you! It's not a thick lotion - it's soft, thin, yet incredibly moisturising. You honestly won't regret trying this one! For further Natralus posts, you can click on this and this.

Luma, created by the model Jess Hart, has been on my radar for the last year, and for good reason! You can read all about those reasons here and here, but in a nutshell, it really just comes down to the fact that their primers are AMAZING, and they have a range of other products for that natural, glowy look, which is very in this season. 

While we're on the topic of good skincare, Milk is a brand that's relatively new to me, but one that I've really enjoyed! I spoke about their body lotion and exfoliating wash before, which you can find here, and my favourite product from them is their body oil, which is light, yet moisturising.

Another iconic Aussie brand has to be Ego Skincare, which is the umbrella company for SunSense and QV.  The Sunsense goodies will shield your skin, particularly if you have the SPF 50+ lotions on in the Summer, and I love that they are also gentle, while still doing their job. Check out previous posts about SunSense here, here and here

DB Cosmetics, also known as Designer Brands, is one of the most underrated Aussie brands on the market, in my opinion! They have a great range of products, with newbies coming out during the holiday periods. Not only have they come out with one of my favourite primers (hi, Rise and Prime!), but they also have a large collection of shades for their foundations, which is very inclusive, particularly great for the frugal girl! See past posts here and here, if you're curious about what I've tried and tested before!

Stay tuned for more brands you need to be considering! Do you any Aussie brands that I haven't mentioned that you love?

*Most products were provided for editorial consideration