Review: Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Illuminating Low Shampoo

Like with my makeup and skincare, I'm finding that I can't use anything too heavy in it, particularly when the weather is warm. Thank goodness I've had the Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Illuminating Low Shampoo in the shower caddy for the last couple of months, because it's been great for my hair!

For those who may not be familiar with the brand, Alfaparf originated in Italy, and I've talked about them previously in this post. Their Semi di Lino Illuminating Low Shampoo is designed to create shinier hair while pushing for longer lasting colour, and is ideal for colour treated hair, maintaining intensity and radiance for longer. It is also meant to be pH-balanced, and should reinforce and protect the hair cuticle. This shampoo has the inclusion of omega 3 and omega 6 extracts to smooth the hair's structure. 

The shampoo comes in a white bottle with a silver flip lid, and contains 250 ml of product. The product itself is a creamy white, and the shampoo has a medium consistency. There is a good amount of lather once you start scrubbing away, and my hair feels quite clean after rinsing it out. I've been using it in conjunction with a variety of conditioners, which does change how my hair turns out a little bit.

That said, with my hair a little damp, I pop a bit of the All in 1 Fluid, and my hair consistently seems to just end up quite soft with a bit of body for the first day. However, by the second day, my hair starts to get a little oily. I've come to the conclusion that while the combination results in lovely hair, it may be a little heavy for my hair in general. As a result, I prefer to use the shampoo without the in leave treatment.

I'm about halfway through the bottle, and overall, I'm loving it! This retails for about $28.50, and you can find it at several retailers. 

What have you tried from Alfaparf previously?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration