Review: Trilogy Ageproof Overnight Mask

I feel like it's been forever since Trilogy featured on the blog, and I'm glad that I've been given the chance to dabble in the brand again. Let's have a chat about the Trilogy Ageproof Overnight Mask!

What does the Trilogy Ageproof Overnight Mask claim to address? It's meant to firm, nourish and promote radiance while hydrating the skin overnight. Pumped with a derivative of jojoba and vitamin C, this sounded right up my alley.

This comes as a cream in a jar with a screw lid, and the jar itself has a frosted look to it. The cream sits firmly in the jar, in that it doesn't slide around. When scooped out and smoothed over the skin, the texture of this is surprising - I thought it would be thick and sit on the skin, like a mask, but it thins out considerably once you work it into the skin, and it also gets absorbed so well, without leaving the skin feeling greasy, that I can tint my brows using the Maybelline Brow Gel Tint to dye my brows without having half of it slide off - winning! 

When I wash my face in the morning, it doesn't feel like half of my lotion has still be sitting on my skin, because it doesn't all come off when I splash the water on. Instead, I find myself with brighter skin that is smooth to the touch and doesn't look in need of hydration. I actually think that I look a little less haggard in the mornings than I did before trying this - definitely not a bad thing to look better as I get older, am I right?

I have to also say that I appreciate the ethos of the brand in that they have recyclable packaging, are against animal testing (yay!), and that they also support ethical trade practices, among other things. 

This retails for $44.95 and you can get more information on this product, and Trilogy, over here. What have you tried from Trilogy previously?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration


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