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New Release: Essence Cosmetics 2021

 I love a new release! Skincare, makeup, hair products - it's all amazing! I had the luck of being sent some gorgeous goodies in recent days from the gorgeous brand, Essence Cosmetics, which is available in Priceline. I've waxed lyrical about the brand previously, and honestly, I'm grateful, while still in disbelief about their budget friendly prices! I mean, have you seen how cute their limited edition products continue to be each season? And that's just their special edition pieces - the whole line is adorable! Ok, be prepared for some cuteness of epic proportions! They have created 6 new pieces for the Hello Good Stuff! range, which consists of a face serum, tinted beauty cream in 2 shades (light and medium), 3in1 face mist, face primer and volume mascara. This line boasts products that are made of at least 90% natural ingredients to both help look after the skin, and result in a natural finish. All the products are vegan, and free from microplastics, PEGs, parabens

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