Review: Shampoo With A Purpose (Shampoo and Conditioner Bars)

With the fires burning, and the drought happening here in Australia, I think it cannot be argued reasonably that we have a climate crisis on our hands that goes beyond turtles and plastic straws. I also know that more and more, we are seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and that there are options out there for babes who want less packaging in their everyday lives.

Shampoo With A Purpose seeks to fulfill the role of haircare that could get the job done without actually introducing plastic into your shower caddy. Each bar replaces approximately 6 bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and there are four different scents to pick from.

For dry and damaged hair, the divinely scented sandalwood and lilly pilly bar has almond, chia, oatmeal, argan oil and shea butter, as well as essential oils for treating your hair just right. Seeking to give your hair a boost? The volume bar has seaweed extract, rosemary, sage, ginseng, juniper berry and shea butter, al mixed together to give your hair that big hurr effect!

Don't think they've forgotten about the babes who dye their hair! With the addition of kakadu plum, jojoba, avocado, almond, argan and shea butter, the colour treated shampoo and conditioner bar will help look after locks that have been dried out by bleaching and dyeing. Of course, last, but not least, the very first bar that started it all, the O.G. has argan oil, coconut oil, natural coconut and shea butter. This is a good bar for someone like my husband, who likes to keep things simple and low key - does the job with beautiful ingredients.

These are super easy to use, and lather up like a dream. Just get it wet, scrub it through your hair and leave it for 2 to 3 minutes before you wash it out. Just like that, you've got clean hair! I've been using the dry and damaged bar for a few weeks, and while my hair amazingly has more movement through it (where did that come from?), I will admit to finding my hair being a little less soft and less shiny than usual. Also, for a conditioner addict, it's very odd to not condition your hair separately, so the system does take a little while to get used to!

Made with eco-sustainable ingredients, free of palm oil, sulphate and plastic, this vegan friendly bar can be used for your hair and your body - I've been selfishly hogging them to myself, but I'll be sharing them shortly with my man, who is going flip over them, because he's about as fuss free as you can get! These retail for $15 each, and you can find them over here.

Would you consider trading in your shampoo and conditioner duos for a bar that does it all?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration