Review: Mesoestetic Mesoprotech - Anti Aging Sunscreens

Let's talk SPF! This is literally one of my favourite topics,mostly because it's the best anti-aging tool anyone can have in their it, but also because the use of SPF if for everyone, no matter where in the world they are situated, even if you're on a plane!

That's correct, you absolutely read that right! When you're on a plane, ultraviolet radiation will still manage to creep in, so if that doesn't inspire you to apply sunscreen while you're on a plane, and before boarding, then I suggest you reconsider it, or deal with skin that no amount of slavaging with retinoids will help. 

Gone are the days of sunscreen that has that scent, which always brings back memories of chlorine and swimming in the public pool with my siblings (as well as night terrors, because my swim coach used to throw me into the pool to help me learn how to swim - times HAVE changed!). In it's place now is sunscreen that's available in all kinds of formulations to best suit your needs.

Mesoestetic recently released 3 very exciting sunscreen products for the fce that I've been trialling, and whenever I'm trying out similar products, I feel like it should be a this or that post, but there is enough variation in all three products to justify their existence in your life and on your vanity. 

All these sunscreens have a similar design - a white slender matte bottle with lettering on the packaging that indicates what's inside and a screw cap that's easy to twist off. All three bottles have products that contain mesoprotech® complex, which is a broad-spectrum sun protection complex that combines physical, biological and/or chemical filters that protect your skin against UVB + UVA radiation. What this means is that it helps in the prevention of damage and oxidation that you can incur just with daily exposure to the sun. We're talking SPF 50 for all of them - that's definite protection. It also contains something called 'collagen pro shield', which is meant to provide antioxidant protection by combating free radicals, as well as aid in firming the skin.

Let's talk about the different types that I've been trying. The Light Water Anti Aging Veil is a relatively thin, fluid sunscreen for normal and combination skin types. This has hyaluronic acid and silicon included in the formula, which help with hydrating the skin, and it's meant to also enhance elasticity and firmness. The product starts out white, but doesn't leave any streaks on the skin, as it's  light consistency allows for it to be absorbed quickly. It's a no brainer - I love this for my everyday!

The Nourishing Anti Aging Oil is a sunscreen that is more suitable for dry mature skin. This has the inclusion of chia seed oil, which is rich in omega 3 and 6. It's supposed to be a gel texture that turns into an oil, but it essentially feels like oil to me. Unlike the Light Water Anti Aging Veil, this takes a little longer to sink in, and will work best for me when it's Winter and my skin is dry. While this oil does dry down well enough, it does take a little longer than lotions tend to. I do like that it doesn't interfere with my makeup, though, and that it spreads over the skin nicely.

I've also had the chance to use the Melan 130 Pigment Control, which is good for those battling pigmentation concerns, as well as those who need a bit of cover up. Like the Light Water Anti Aging Veil, this has a light, fluid texture, which makes spreading it over the skin a treat. This blends so beautifully, giving some sheer coverage to my skin, which can assist in reducing the appearance of mild imperfections. This helps in preventing the appearance of sunspots, and in doing so, helps in promoting a even skin tone.

As you can see, while they all serve a similar purpose overall, each product is different and suitable for a variety of needs. The Light Water Anti Aging Veils serves as an everyday staple, while the Nourishing Anti Aging Oil is perfect for providing additional moisture to my skin in the cooler months. The Melan 130 Pigment Control is perfect as the sheer coverage base that also doubles as sunscreen - this will be my travel companion this year!

Each of these retail for $79.80 for 50 ml, and it is all worth it! For more information on these little bottles of happiness, head over here.

What's your favourite anti aging product?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration