Travel: Avoid Being A Raisin by Rehydrating

So, now that we've talked about what to pack in your handbag, and how to add glow to the skin, let's chat about the actual effects of travel to your skin, and what you can do to intensively combat that, because let's face it - no one wants to have crepey, flaky skin, especially in those stunning holiday shots. After all, if you don't post it on Instagram, featuring sandy beaches and sunny skies, then did that trip actually happening?

I have been seriously trying to remember to mask prior to, and after, a flight. Short, domestic flights don't take as much of a zap out of my skin as I would think they should, but long haul flights certainly can cause just about everything to dry up. To avoid looking like a shrivelled little raisin, masking isn't just a therapeutic treat for your skin, it's also a bonding tool, so that you can hang out with your fellow babes, look like minor serial killers, watching a movie, all the while letting your skin steep in the serum from your face mask.

DB has a lovely selection of sheet masks to target you needs (I've got a few of these packed away!), while new up and comer, In-Flight Magic, has these fascinating face masks that are meant for long haul flights. By that, you're meant to use them in flight. I know, I'm also intrigued. I will certainly be giving these a go, and I can't wait to see what it's like!

Remember to refresh your tired and dry skin by spritzing! I honestly can never walk past Jurlique without thinking of their sprays, and their Rosewater Balancing Mist is the perfect harmony of rose scented happiness that also does a great job of refreshing and rehydrating the skin. For those with a smaller budget, Raww does a mist toner stuffed with delicious sounding ingredients, including coconut water, green tea and witch hazel.

Two known, tried and tested serums are up next! Indeed Labs will always have my heart with their Hydraluron - this stuff is legitimately amazing! I've gotten a few family members onto it, and I cannot recommend this enough. The other hyaluronic acid-based serum is by Esmi, and I have finished a couple of bottles of this stuff over the last few years, so I can also say that I'm a major fan. New to me is the brand Naturally Serious, and I like this product specifically boasts that it's an antioxidant moisture serum, which means that it will battle free radical damage while adding plumpness to your skin. I'm definitely excited about trying this one!

Don't forget to tend to the delicate area under the eyes! Indeed Labs has Eysilix II, which I was really impressed by a while back - I remember it being quite good for my dark eye circles. The other one that I love is the Arbonne Re9 Advanced Gel Eye Mask, which comes in a jar, and you fish out the little gel patches as is needed. I've been using this for a while, and It's such an easy one to comfort the under eye area - all you have to do is lie around and chill out with it on.

Of course, as adjunctive therapy, there's nothing that will add quite as much moisture as a hit of oil. The Jojoba Company does some amazing products, including their organic jojoba oil, which I've been a fan of for ages. The Essano rosehip oil is another gorgeous oil, which is also filled with acai berry, a great source of antioxidants, so you can fight signs of damage to the skin. These two gorgeous goodies should be in your shopping cart if you're looking for some oil for thirsty skin!

Always remember to look after your lips! They are an extension of the skin, and given the amount of movement and work they do, these babies dry out fast. To make sure that you can pucker up or smile without cracking your lips, it's these little loves to the rescue! Burt's Bees make gorgeous lip balms for what I like to call maintenance - keeping them soft and supple when the environment isn't that drying. I like their tinted lip balms the most, particularly the darker shades. Natralus serves me better when the weather is cooler, and the air is dryer and my lips are in need of a more intense boost. For the babes whose lips seem to deflate when they are dehydrated, Indeed Labs has a Hydraluron + Volumising treatment, which I'm excited to try, because my lips definitely could use it for when I'm on the go!

What skincare routine would be complete without a cream or lotion to put the icing on the cake? The Jojoba Company's Hydrating Day Cream has antioxidants and peptides to help keep the skin happy. For the evening, you could go for the Arbonne Re9 Advanced Prepwork Overnight Face Jelly, and let your skin hydrate while you're sleeping. For the babes who will be travelling in major cities, the Naturally Serious Anti-Pollution Repair Cream will rehydrate while combating modern stresses on the skin.

What's your favourite tool for hydrating? Which area do you pay the most attention to when your skin is dehydrated?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration