Travel: Travel Sized Goodness

This is a major bumper series of travel goodness - I've got so much to talk about! Today, I'll be delving into the world of travel sized goodies, so grab that mug of hot tea, and sit down, and get comfy! 

Welcome to the world of tiny goodness! Here are the options for what is available out there, and you can check out some of what I've been sorting through to take on my trip with me.

1) Hair
Heavy is the head that wears the crown. The crown of bad hair, that is. Just because you're travelling doesn't mean you don't get the chance to look your best, so it's great that familiar brands like John Frieda does travel sized goodies, and that they aren't just limited to the shampoo and conditioner, they do styling products as well. I love that they also cater to particular hair colours, with brunette and blonde specific shampoo and conditioner as part of the travel range. There is even a finishing creme in the mix to help keep your hair happy after washing it!

For the lazy girls out there who aren't up for washing their hair super regularly (we all have our own reasons!), dry shampoo is the key to not looking greasy. Thankfully for us, Batiste has a range of adorable little dry shampoo cans that you can pack into your bag, even your carry on, so you can land with 'zhoozed' (ie refreshed and mussed up) hair.

Speaking of 'zhoozed' hair, don't forget your other styling products for the babes on the go! A hot tool is always your friend, and a versatile one is a hairdryer, which can dry hair, and also add volume, and create some waves (both in your hair, and when people check you out!). The VS Sassoon Travel Pro hair dryer is small, but packs a surprisingly powerful punch, and fits well into a carry on bag.

Of course, my hair could always use more volume, so the Fudge Big Hair Elevating Powder is a welcome addition to the mix. Don't forget to chuck the hair ties and bobby pins into the bag too - those will seriously come in handy. Trust me when I say this - you'd miss them if you forgot to pack them! Lady Jayne makes my favourite hair ties - great tension, and durable!

To further tame the tresses, and help with the styling, make sure you pack a brush, whether it's the Lady Jayne Detangling Brush, or the Flexi-Glide brush. No more ouchies as you pull it through the hair - little resistance as they slide through like butter. To keep your hair happy, you should also consider a silk scrunchie, such as one from Silk Only. Smooth and keeps your hair kink free!

2) Face and Body

Travelling means keeping things simple, and the first step to good skin while you're away is making sure that you take it off, of course! There are some super cuties on the market, including one of my all time favourites from Bioderma. For a more budget friendly version that caters to different needs, you can grab these from Biore. The charcoal version is great for oily skin, while the baking soda type is more suitable for combination skin.

Just because you're on the go doesn't mean you have to pare down your skincare routine! I was sent these uniformed little tubes from Em & Mary Coastal Naturals (head here for more information on them), and I love that we live in an age where vegan friendly and cruelty free goodies are easy to to access! They have a whole range, from body lotion to face mask. The hardest part is deciding if you should pack the whole range, or mix and match.

If you're after more familiar brands, QV makes these little minis that look just like the larger bottles - who needs shop minis from Coles when you could use these gorgeous options from QV? As a long time fan of the brand, I can personally attest for how great these are for those with sensitive skin. They have a gentle wash, gentle cleanser and a skin lotion as part of the range, and will easily look after your skin for a good couple of weeks. If you're in the mood to treat yourself, then Antipodes has the goods! Their serums hold a special place in my heart, and these make seriously good treat for the skin on the flight.

Make sure that you're also taking care of other parts of your body while you're skincare shopping for your trip. Dry hands with a side of hangnail is never my favourite look, but thank goodness there's a fix for that! Natralus, with all of their little travel friendly tubes, have you covered for your hands, relief for irritated or sunburned skin, as well as one of my absolute all time favourite lotions, the Intensive Skin Therapy, for those who need a bit of a extra tender loving care for their skin

If nothing catches your eye, despite an exhaustive and intensive search, then you can look packing the lotions and potions of your own choosing! These very secure little bottles will hold the liquids of your choice, so that you can take your favourite shampoo and conditioner on the road with you. So you don't forget about your body, Manicare has also got some options for exfoliation and body brushing, which I intend to pack, considering that I like a good body exfoliation, and this is easy to sneak into my suitcase. Also, I just wanted to give the Manicare face sponge kit a mention, because this set is great for girls who don't want to drag too many brushes around with them, and can blend like a fiend. Genius!

Spoilt for choice, you can be sure I'll be cramming some of these goodies into my bag! What are your favourite travel goodies that you're always packing, and what are you still looking for?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration