Travel: Handbag Essentials ft. Sun Sense, Natralus and Jurlique

Yay! I love talking about travel and all the things that come along with it! For some people, thinking about travel can be stressful - some of these people have also had to travel a lot for work, and I can completely understand not wanting to live out of a suitcase after a while. For me, though, taking time off is not a common occurrence, which means that when I finally, and actually get the chance to spread my wings and fly, I sit down, plan out my packing and look at doing an itinerary.
What I also enjoy doing, is picking out the little things that will go into my handbag - things that need to be within reach at most/all times, and of course, that would include the little things that can make a long haul flight that little bit more comfortable.

Here are three things that I have packed into my bag - these are the absolute must haves for every flight that I hop onto.

1) Sun Sense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+ 75ml
Firstly, I love the size of the product, because at less than 100 ml, it's an easy size to stow into your handbag or carry on. This comes in a flip lid tube, and the best part of this product is the versatility. I did a full review here a long time ago, but for those in need of a quick refresher, this is appropriate for both face and body, so if they were to lose your suitcase (which may or may not be a true story the first time we went to Hawaii), then you would still be able to hit the surf without having it slow you down too much! Also, it's safe for the whole family, little ones included. Let's also not forget that you'll get exposed to UVA radiation (and some UVB) while you're in the air, so you can be sunburnt. That's right, kids, SPF 50+ FTW!

2) Natralus Essential Paw Paw Ointment 7g
I love, love, love Natralus, and I love them the most when I'm travelling, because I tend to reach for this stuff a lot. Like paw paw ointment in general, this stuff is brilliant for dry patches and dehydrated spots of skin. What I love most about this, though, is that it's not sticky, gets absorbed relatively well, and that it comes in this itty bitty space saving size of 7g. I mean, it couldn't be smaller, yet still have enough to work so well.

3)  Jurlique Jasmine Hand Cream 40ml
Jurlique is one of those wonderfully iconic Australian brands that should always be part of your must have list, and given that I'm partial to the scent jasmine, I'm really glad I got my hands on this hand cream! Dry hands are a major problem for me when I'm on a long haul flight. There's a lot of touching of things, washing my hands after using the washroom (I go a lot, because I drink a lot of water on flights), and simply just get cold and dry hands on flights. It's also nice to have something that is this beautifully scented while trapped on a flight for hours.

So that's the handbag essentials I'm loving and packing! I'd love to know what your handbag essentials are on a flight, and why! Shoot me a message or leave one below, and inspire me for future trips!

*These products were provided for editorial consideration