Travel: Space Savers and Necessities

Travelling can be a hotbed of stress and packing messes. I should know - I'm currently living out of a suitcase! Because you may be travelling as a large group/going to different climates in one trip/trying to pack light because you're that sort of a traveller, you might want to consolidate products without compromising on the outcome or affecting your health/skin/life, and that's totally acceptable. I'm here to talk about what you can do to cut down without cutting out!

 Firstly, if you're going ANYWHERE, and you're thinking of chucking that sunscreen out of your bag, don't you dare! You should always be packing that, and if you're thinking that you need to cut down on your baggage somewhere, you can always look to consolidate things. You can do so by carrying one sunscreen for everyone, such as the Sunsense Ultra SPF 50+. This is a broad spectrum sunscreen with a high degree of protection, and it also has a great texture. 

If you're looking for that little something that would do more than cover your body, reach for the Sunsense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+. Appropriate for the face, body and sensitive skin, as well as toddlers, this do it all do gooder is already part of my luggage! For those who don't like lotions, Neutrogena has an Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen Spray, which is easy to use, feels like you're applying nothing at all, and works like a charm.

While we're on the topic of sun protection, make sure that your face is always covered. With so many options on the market, there is literally no excuse for not using face cream with sunscreen during the day! Going from the low end of the sliding scale, you'll find popular brands like Nivea with their Urban Skin Defense, appropriate for combating pollutants and exposure to daily stresses, as well as Burt's Bees, which has royal jelly as part of the moisturiser.

As you move along the scale, you'll fine hypoallergenic brand, QV, with their moisturising SPF 30 day cream. Going further along, there is the Sunsense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+ as mentioned above, or if you'd rather have a bit of colour as part of your sunscreen, you can always reach for the Sunsense Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish, which also has SPF 50+.

Products that can pull double duty will always hold a special spot in my heart, particularly for travel. I know that you're seeing the Sunsense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+ for the third time in a row, but have I mentioned yet that it's pretty amazing? That's because it's downright phenomenal! I've been through about 3 tubes of this stuff, and I couldn't love it more. Neutrogena has the Visibly Clear Spot Proofing 2-in-1 Wash/Mask, which you can use either as a daily wash or a weekly mask to help remove excess oil and keep the skin clear. Alternatively, you can reach for the Nivea Urban Detox 3-in-1 Clay Wash, which you can use as a wash or scrub to keep skin clear and reduce the likelihood of blemishes, or as a mask, where you leave it on the skin for up to 5 minutes.

Everyone knows that a good hand cream can do the job of more than one thing, and with the Nivea 3-in-1 Repair Care Hand Cream, this gets absorbed quickly while repairing and protecting the skin from signs of dryness. If you're looking to treat yourself to a little bit of French skincare, you can pick up a tube of the Bioderma Ultra Repair Hand and Nail Cream. This stuff is great for my elbows and knees - often neglected areas, and more so when away from home.

Finally, if you're going anywhere, or just as a daily thing, make sure you have deodorant on. I know, seems like a basic thing, but trust me when I say that using public transport tells me all I ever need to know about certain people's standards when it comes to hygiene. Thankfully for us, and all the other people around us, brands like Nivea make deodorants of different sizes and types to suit all of our needs. On homeground, I like using sprays, and while I like using them while I'm away too, in a bid to get more space out of my suitcase, using the roll on is a better idea on that basis alone. At least I know that I won't end up leaving white streaks on my tops with these guys!

And with these babies, I round out my travel posts - the bumper issue! I hope they help to inspire travel lust, and give you an idea of what to pack. Tell me what you can't leave at home, and what you always have when you travel!

*These products were provided for editorial consideration