Review: Maybelline Colour Sensational Made For All Lipsticks

Sweet baby cheeses, Maybelline seriously knows how to outdo itself! With their new lip releases on the market, I can't help but wonder how else they intend to top this in the future! Without further ado, please welcome the newbies to join the Maybelline stable - the Made For All Lipsticks by Colour Sensational!

While there is only a small colour range at this point, with 6 lipsticks in total, they have done the very marketable thing of producing a capsule wardrobe for the lips - 6 shades that are practically universal and tailored to suit all skin tones!

This means that it will take the guesswork out of whether the colour you're just about to splash out money for will be the right one for you. Sure, like with all lip colours, you can certainly swatch a zillion shades to see if it would fit (like looking for that perfect little black dress that would transform you, elevating your look and helping you cure cancer. You know. What? A girl can dream!), but imagine not wasting money, and finding out that it does, in fact, work for you, no matter your colouring.

The pigmentation is, unsurprisingly, fantastic, and I love how smooth and creamy the lipsticks are. They create a certain amount of staining, facilitating the need for less touch ups and they also come in a mix of satin and matte finishes. These glide on nicely, and they are handy for when I'm out with my friends, and we all need a bit of colour - imagine being able to share your lippie with your friends, and without hesitation for fear of inflicting the wrong shade on them!

I can personally attest for the fact that these lippies are excellent on me, colour and wear alike. These retail for $17.95 each, and I'm looking to pick up the rest of the collection - that's how much I love them!

Have you tried these lipsticks yet? Have you found your perfect shade?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration