Brand Focus: Lady Jayne

Lady Jayne does a range of good looking products that also make you look good in return! If you live in Australia and you're a woman who does some degree of hair grooming (or that one guy at Priceline who once asked me what the best brand of hair ties was), then you'd be familiar with Lady Jayne!

I've gone through so many versions of brushes from Lady Jayne that I honestly couldn't tell you which ones I've tried in the past. That said, I can tell you want to try now!

For daily maintenance, and to create a simple look for the time poor babes, or just for those without a lot of skills (of which I'm definitely one of them), Lady Jayne has some pretty easy, and just pretty, tools to work with. I've been loving the large Pro Paddle Brush with the firm handle. Given it's generous surface area, I find this to be very efficient at brushing my hair, particularly now that it's shorter than it used to be. Literally 10 seconds, and my hair is up in a secure pony tail, co-created with the Lady Jayne hair ties. 

While I'm not a big bobby pin user, I have been known to secure flyaways and little bits of hair. My current go to hair do for when I'm feeling a wee bit fancy is to pin my hair back after tucking one side behind my ear. When I feeling a little bit fancier, I put curls through my hair, then use the pretty pins in metallic shades to put the hair back. Simple, and something different. 

If you're interested in what that hairstyle looks like, keep an eye on my Instagram! I just wanted to hop on and chat about Lady Jayne, because when I like something, I talk about it, and I just haven't talked about Lady Jayne enough, and that's mostly because it's such an everyday staple!

For more information on Lady Jayne, you can hop in store at places like Priceline and Chemist Warehouse, or you can have a look on their website. While you're there, pick up a detangling brush or two - these will change your life!

What's your favourite Lady Jayne product? Do you use Lady Jayne products often?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration