Review: Medik8 Crystal Retinal 3

This is going to feel like a bit of a repeat post for some of you lovelies (you can find the original post over here), but let's face it, something that's this great should really be talked about more often, particularly when they've come out with a new and improved version for those who couldn't try the original versions!

I'm talking about the Medik8 Crystal Retinal, which is now available in 4 strengths. Having previously used the Crystal Retinal 6, and loved it, I was excited when I got wind of Medik8 coming out with two new versions of it.

In case you've forgotten, or you're simply not aware of it, the Crystal Retinal products are formulated with retinaldehyde, which is like an upgraded derivative of vitamin A. It works in synergy with skin to help promote cellular turnover, minimise fine lines and wrinkles, and plump up skin, and now, for the babes who have sensitive skin, they are introducing Crystal Retinal 1 and Crystal Retinal 3, which are of gentle-strength and medium-strength retinaldehyde respectively. 

Once again, it is a serum-cream hybrid - comes out looking like a cream, gains a serum-like texture once it is distributed over the skin. I love that this has a time-release delivery system that encapsulates retinaldehyde in a crystal molecular vehicle until it comes into contact with the skin's natural enzymes, upon which it is broken down. Until then, the formula remains stable. This means that the absorption is optimised and the potent formula is distributed evenly and constantly throughout the night.

I've been using skincare containing vitamin A for ages, and as such, I did not expect, nor did I get, a reaction to the product. I liked how it felt on my skin, and also how my skin remained quite wrinkle free. The fine lines also seem to be less prominent since I started using this, which is definitely a good thing! The other upside to these new releases is that they may actually be helpful for the ones who may be sensitive to retinoids and could use them as a stepping stone to the next level of retinoids.

It retails for $87, which would get you 30 ml of product. You can find more about it over here. Now, who wants to give me money to try Crystal Retinal 10?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration