Review: MediK8 Crystal Retinal 6

I sometimes wonder why some brands don't seem to be as talked about compared to others, but then, I suppose that's what blogging is about - spreading the word about our passions to help you sort out what's worth spending your hard earned dough on! Speaking of which, if you're itching to be ditching some cash on skincare, then I might have just thing for you!

In the modern age of technology, I think most beauty obsessed babes are aware of the basics of skin care, namely what is meant to help with the problems you're trying to address. Crystal Retinal 6 states on the box that it's a stable retinal night serum containing super strength vitamin A - this means that it targets ageing skin.

This is a serum with the consistency of a cream that is meant for overnight use. I love that this is easy to spread over the skin, leaving a silky finish. The pump makes it straightforward to get the product out - just make sure that you squeeze the tube a bit as you're finishing it, because this will help get the serum out. 

It contains encapsulated retinal 0.06%, crystal stabilising system and organic carrot seed oil, as well as flower extract, among other ingredients. I love that this has been keeping fine lines at bay - I feel like this really does leave me with fresh looking skin in the morning.

The price tag is a little impressive at $108 for 30 ml, but it's worth it. Just remember to ease yourself into it slowly, because your skin might be sensitive to being introduced to too much vitamin A too fast.

You can purchase it over here. Have you tried anything from MediK8 before? What's your favourite?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration