Review: Oil Garden Essential Oils

Stress comes in all shapes and sizes - we are prone to it in our modern lives, considering that we hit the ground running from the time we roll out of bed. As such, I feel like we need to hang on to those moments when we get the chance to practise self care - I mean, if we don't take care of ourselves, then who would?

Relaxing and taking time out for yourself is important, and that doesn't have to be just the one thing that you do. For example, when I'm pushing the boat out to have a completely blissed out experience, I like to really get into it, and combine a few things to tickle my senses.

Aside from a good soak to relax my muscles, a powerful face mask to revitalise my skin and a delicious glass of, well, something alcoholic, I'm keen to also steep my olfactory senses in something beautiful. Enter Oil Garden, with their scent-sational oils, all designed to enhance your life in one way or another.

Born in Byron Bay, the brand was first started over 30 years ago. Now, they have an extensive number of pure essential oils sourced from all over the world. All the oils are 100% vegan, and they don't do any animal testing, and they don't contain any harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances or parabens.

Their range allows you to target for things that you're looking to deal with. On heavy allergy days, the Breathe Easier blend and chest rub tube have been helpful in clearing out my sinuses. They contain eucalyptus, mint and myrtle, which, as you can imagine, do a decent job of thinning the mucous, allowing you to breathe a little better. The real MVP of what I've tried so far, however, has to be the Sleep Assist blend - it has sweet orange, lavender, German chamomile and marjoram. You can smell the sweet orange to begin with, which has an underlying hum of lavender to round it out beautifully.

The price range is varied, and if you're not certain about picking up a larger bottle straight off the bat, then you have the option to grab a roll on instead if you're keen. If you're not sure what kind of essential oil would be best for you, then maybe you could look for an issue that you're hoping to target, such as Love and Friendship, Tranquil and Calm or Peace and Wellbeing.

What's your preferred essential oil scent?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration