Review: The Jojoba Company Ultimate Night Cream

I love a good night cream, and after testing out so many over the years (I honestly can't believe I was one of those 'tried and tested use the same products' people for ages, but I feel like I certainly am making up for lost time!), I'm starting to recognise things that I like and/or require from my night cream, and The Jojoba Company Ultimate Night Cream ticks a lot of these boxes!

Let's talk about packaging first. This little baby comes in a jar that has a pump that gives you the product through an opening in the middle, which means that you need to place your fingers on either side of the jar and push down to get the cream out. I really like this design, because it means that you don't have to dip into an open jar, or fuss around with a little spatula. I also really like that the cap is easy to pull off, and equally as straightforward to pop back on without feeling insecure at all. Just a little something, but definitely a little something that makes a difference!

In comparison to what's on the website, I believe this is a review for the older packaging. That said, I don't believe that it has changed hugely, but just be aware of this if you're looking to purchase it, as it is no longer the same. The product, however, remains the same.

Key ingredients include jojoba (of course), ribose, swertia, hyaluronic acid, banksia seed oil and finger lime extract. Combined, these are meant to improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and regenerate skin cells overnight. This retails for $69.99, which will get you 50 ml of product. I find two pumps to give me enough coverage for the face and neck regions. This dries down admirably well, and it doesn't take long at all for it to get absorbed.

My skin seems to appreciate this cream - while not revolutionary, I feel like it does hydrate my skin nicely, and my skin remains wonderfully smooth. The texture of the cream is really nice, but given the current drying conditions of Winter, I would almost appreciate this more if it were thicker or richer. That said, I haven't suffered from any random dry patches while using this during this season, so I cannot really demand too much more from this!

You can find more information on it over here, and you can also buy it instore or online from Priceline. What have you tried from The Jojoba Company?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration