Review: Feather and Down Sweet Dreams Sleeping Bag

I'm definitely not one who struggles to sleep at night, but, boy, when I do, it absolutely sucks butt majorly! While I tend to have more problems getting out of bed then falling into bed, there will occasionally, one could say rarely, be a few nights where sleeping could be tricky.

I have tried a number of sleeping aids over the years, particularly given that I had quite a lot of bad nights the last couple of years when I was studying for my exams. These have ranged from herbal supplements, to teas, to pillow sprays. Sometimes, I would use them together, depending on my mood. 

I was going through a bit of a funny sleep pattern recently, which was actually good, because it gave me the chance to test drive some goodies that I got in the earlier half of the year, from a brand called Feather and Down. Created and produced in England, Feather and Down has crafted a lovely range designed to aid in a better night's sleep.

I was gifted this particular set, known as the Sweet Dreams Sleeping Bag, containing 4 products that can be used in synergy to allow you to drift off to dreamland in a smoother fashion, and stay down. This contains a 50 ml pillow spray, 16g all purpose sleep balm, 50 ml melting shower cream and sleep mask, just to seal the deal.

The pillow spray needs no explanation, and is part of my evening ritual. For the tougher nights, where there's been a bit of stress and my brain can't stop rambling, the melting shower cream adds another layer to help smooth over the madness of the day. I love the sleep balm for when I'm travelling, and this can be rubbed into pulse points and I add a dab just under my nose to help out a little bit more.

All their products are infused with lavender and chamomile essential oils, which honestly do help me achieve a more stable plane of sleep. Less tossing and turning means more time sleeping properly, leading to an improvement in my productivity and a better mood the following day. What's not to love?

This handy pack retails for $29.99, and the Feather and Down range can be found at Priceline. What helps you sleep better at night?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration