Staying Sun Safe With Sun Sense *

Just because we're seeing the absolute tail end of Summer doesn't mean you can skimp on the sunscreen. You should remain just as vigilant as ever, because the sun is still strong even with the temperature going down.

That said, when you're spending all day out at festivals and heading off to Wet n Wild, you'd be insane to not slip, slap, slop it all on, so you'd better pack some heavy duty friends with you when you know you'll be out baking under the hot, intense sun!

For your body, you have a couple of choices. When you know that you're going to be heading out and getting wet, whether it's the sand and surf, or pools and cabanas, Sunsense has you covered! We put them to the true test when four of us hit Wet n Wild in Queensland recently, as well as a three day music festival.

We started off with the sport version, then ran into and out of water all day, topping it up once with the mist, and not a single patch of raw skin cropped up amongst us! The mist we weren't absolutely won over by. I found the nozzle to get clogged after about 15 spritzes, which was at least easy to clean, but the alcohol in it added to a bit of a drying effect on the skin. This has a thin, oily consistency that made it easy to spread and quick to be absorbed. It was great in terms of being sun safe, I feel like this could be improved on. That said, I'm pretty certain that this would be the one I'd toss into my bag for the next time I hit the beach, because it was super cooling!

The sport version wasn't what we were particularly expecting, being of medium consistency, but it got absorbed really easily. I liked that it didn't smell particularly like sunscreen either, if that makes sense. It wasn't gluggy, thick or unpleasant. A lovely surprise for something marketed as a sports sunscreen! Both options contain SPF 50 - best thing ever! You can get them for $9.99 and $17.99 respectively.

For the face, I was presented with a plethora of options! These served us very well while we were a the music festival. I have previously reviewed the moisturiser on the right (see full review here), so I won't say too much more about this aside from saying that it's still an excellent face lotion with a bit of a matte finish.

The lotion on the left is a great option for everyday wear - this comes in a flip top cap, and it has a fairly liquid consistency, which means that it doesn't take long for it to sink into the skin. A friend of mine recently had about 20 moles removed from her face, and she has been amazingly religious with SPF since, often applying it on the go. This is something that would be appropriate for popping into your bag so that you can top up throughout the day.

The daily face lotion in the middle surprised me - it wasn't what I expected at all! It comes in a tube with a flip lid, which makes it easy to access. This has an oil free base that also has a matte formula. Fragrance free with a very sheer tint, I've been using this beneath my foundation and I've found this to aid in achieving a smoother base. It's not amazingly matte, but it does a decent job if you're just using this as your base - I haven't felt the need to powder over it every time I've used it, and it seems to stay nicely. For a little something, almost a bit like a CC cream, this has been fantastic! You can find these beauties, from left to right, for $14.49, $14.49 and $21.49 respectively.

This has to be my favourite find from the entire lot! Ok, how can you NOT absolutely love this lip balm? Firstly, SPF 50! Not only that, this little baby has a smooth, melty balm consistency that would just sink into the lips and keep them soft and happy. I have nothing else to say about this lip balm, except that you NEED to get out there and grab one for yourself, so get cracking! This lives in my bag, and I'm seriously contemplating picking another up so that I can have a back up if it should disappear. Would you believe that this is only $3?

My biggest tip with sunscreen? Make sure you are well and truly covered (read: doused), giving it about 30 minutes to sink in, before you head out into the great, wide world. That way, you can make sure your skin is protected!

I do love Sun Sense - I find their products generally work really well on me, and I'm pretty sure they found another couple of fans over those few days! 

Have you tried Sunsense products previously? What's your favourite from them?

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. I'm definitely a SunSense fan. I'm currently loving the lip balm and I'm also just finishing off my bottle of SunSense Ultra which is a great sunscreen I'm sharing with my kids for those last couple of swims in our pool before it gets too cold.

  2. i love sunsense products!! It's my go to sun protection :)

  3. Loved all the information hon - I can't believe the sunscreen is only $3 and it's SPF50! Definitely on my shopping list xxx

    1. Great for your kisser! Totally recommend it!

  4. I haven't tried their sunscreens, but I have bought the SPF lip balm after reading a few people raving about it & it's good, although my lips do feel a bit dry once it's gone away. (My lips are always like that though.) It's a small price to pay for sun protection, which I need a lot of after having 2 skin cancers removed this year.

    1. Oh dear! Yes, I would certainly recommend using something with high SPF in your case! Take good care of yourself (and your skin)!

  5. I'm so keen on that lip balm! I've never used a lip balm with SPF before, but I'm keen to start trying


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