One For The Boys - Remington Barber's Best Hair Clipper *

So, a while back, I thought I was about due for a review for a product for the opposite sex, and as luck would have it, I was sent the Remington Barber's Best Hair Clipper, and I knew just the guy to help me out with this one! 
Mr MS, who's absolutely lovely, is a long time DIY for his hair kinda guy, and I thought, who to better test drive this baby than him?

First, let's have a chat about what's included in this package. For $79.95, you'll find:
1) Stainless steel bladed clipper
2) Eight multi-length trimming guides
3) Barber scissors
4) Cleaning brush
5) Storage pouch
6) Barber's cape
7) Lubricating oil
8) Blade guard
9) Power adaptor

Sounds pretty comprehensive? I'd say so! Mr MS was suitably intrigued by the kit, and he wasted no time getting into it.


After a couple of uses, he was ready to give me the finer points on what he liked about it, and what he thought could be improved.

- Good quality - light, but sturdy
- Cordless, so no getting tangled up in twisted wire
- Inclusion of blade oil fantastic to help keep the blades functioning properly
- Easy to use for trimming beards and shaving heads
- Super simple usability - easy to attach and detach the guides
- Attached guides hold securely 
- Secondary blade attachment for the 'zero' cut is simple to change in/out, making cleaning a breeze
- Great accessories on the whole 

- No 'clipper adjustment lever' ie not being able to fade from a fully open 'one' to a fully open 'two with a one and a half (using the adjustment usually found in clippers)
- Power of the clipper not of professional level
- Cordless also means having to take time to charge it
- Not suitable for line-ups or detailing
- Cape may be a little fiddly when you're doing your own hair
- A 'tool box'-like container would be easier to use when rummaging for a guide, rather than digging through the provided bag

This is recommended for the at home user who is looking to do a simple head or beard shave - low maintenance, easy to clean, and no clumsy moments with cords. 

Remington is stocked at many places, including Priceline and Target.

Do you, or possibly your partner, clip your own hair at home? If not, would you consider it?

* This product was provided for my consideration, but my opinions are my own


  1. this may sound strange.. but I think i need this.. I want to cut my hair much shorter at some point but I dont' want to shave it (and shavers are the only thing i have at home)the 25mm sounds good.. lemme get a ruler..

    1. Oooh! Do a post when that happens! That sounds pretty exciting!


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