Review: Australis Rapid Tan Spray, Foam and Gradual Tanner *

Having lived in Australia for the last 14 years, I have seen a number of brands in Priceline come and go, and yet others evolve. Australis is one of the latter, and they have come a long way over the last 29 years and they are still going strong!

For the first time ever, Australis has tried their hand at fake tans and today, we'll talk through three types of self tanners from them! From foams to sprays and gradual tanners, Australis has you covered for all eventualities!

Of all the ones that I've tried, the spray ($22.99) has to be trickiest to use, but it is also the one that dries down the fastest. The hard part is being able to spread the tanning liquid in order to get an even 'tan' before it stains one location on your skin. The good news is that once you get the hang of it, the tan is just delish on the skin! This also happens to have the strongest (although it's not nearly strong enough in my opinion) chocolate scent of the lot.

Their Rapid Tan foam ($22.99) is super easy to use. Like with any other foam tanners, all you have to do is pump it onto the self-tanning mitt, then go over your skin in circular motions. This doesn't have a funky scent and it doesn't take ages to dry down either, which means no transfer to your sheet or clothes at night! I have found the non-chocolate one to be a little lighter in shade on me, but it's just as easy to use.

Let's Go Steady? ($19.99) Don't mind if I do! This gradual tanner is absolutely awesome! It has a very mild, sweet scent and the lotion comes out a beige shade that isn't noticeable once it goes onto the skin. Mostly, I love that this just plain old works, and that this glides smoothly over the skin and gets absorbed quickly, which means you aren't trying to get dressed while avoiding staining your clothes. I love how easy this is to use, and you can really build it up. This is easily stored in a flip lid tube.

I have had great success with most of these goodies (the spray is still a little elusive, particularly over the back!), and I have consistently found these self tanners to work rapidly, just like their names would suggest, and that none of these ever rubbed off onto my clothes or sheets.

Their Rapid Tan range can be washed off in as little as an hour and continues to develop on the sin for up to 8 hours. I can attest to that! You can either leave it to develop for 1, 2 or 3 hours, depending on how dark you desire your skin to be. I've actually slept in it, and it hasn't bothered me, scent wise, or rubbing off wise.

There is more to the range, including a gradual tan face moisturiser, rapid tan lotion, one night tan wash off mousse and love glove (some very cheeky names in the crowd!) and I would be up for trying out the rest of the range, especially the gradual face moisturiser!

I know that I'll be using these babies to top up my fading tan once it starts to disappear! If you're eager to try them out, pop into Priceline to pick some up today!

Are you into fake tan? Would you like to try the Australis tans?

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. Ohhhh, with this kinda weather it's perfect for a tan. I'm missing summer already!! You have to tell me what those adorable slices of watermelon actually is!!

    1. Coasters! How Summer appropriate are they?


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