Review: Thursday Plantation Oil Cleanser, Brightening Oil and Face Moisturiser *


I was recently sent this little trio to trial, and I was really excited about it, because this brand was new to me! The company is great in that the products they come up with are vegan, cruelty free and the containers are recyclable. All the products are packed full of excellent stuff for your skin, but the real question is, how does it work on the skin?

Let's start with the moisturiser. This comes in a tube with a flip lid that carries 70 ml of product. The lotion itself is quite thin and has a mildly beige tint to it, which, thankfully, doesn't stick around. The smell of this reminds me of lemongrass, which may be a little strong for those aren't keen on scented products. I, on the other hand, find this invigorating, particularly in the morning. 

It doesn't have any SPF in it, but the upside is that you can use this both in the morning and at night. This sinks quite readily into the skin, contains vitamins C and E, shea butter and almond oil, among other things.

The oil cleanser would be my favourite product of the lot! Super appropriate for Winter, this 125 ml pump bottle delivers enough product with each push to wash cleanse the face. This works well with my Foreo Luna, and it can also be used with a facial sponge, as using it by itself can make you feel like you have an oil slick on your face. 

This is quite thick and it leaves the skin feeling quite soft and moisturised. It also contains lemon oil, which is incidentally what is smells like, grapefruit oil, tea tree oil and a few other oils as well.

Last, but not least, the brightening oil comes in a pump bottle with 60 ml of product crammed in there. Chockers with goodies such as rosehip oil and macadamia oil, just to name a few, this has an herbally scent to it that seems to be the strongest of the three. 

This is quite an oily oil, but does eventually sink into the skin. This does seem to aid in brightening my skin, but I'm not certain that it lives up to any of it's other claims. However, it does otherwise work quite well.

For the last few weeks, my routine has been using the face moisturiser in the morning and the oil cleanser, brightening oil and moisturiser at night.

My skin is quite normal, and does get dry in the Winter. I also have, fairly rarely, some eczema, which hasn't flared up in forever. This combination has brought a bit of a glow to my skin, which is fantastic, but I feel like the moisturiser by itself, if used without the oil, just doesn't quite cut it as a night cream, in that it is not particularly thick,

While I'm not convinced that the moisturiser reduces fine lines and wrinkles, or that the oil improves the appearance of pigmentation and sun spots, I do feel that my skin is looking pretty great with a healthy glow as a result of this combination! 

Have you tried any Thursday Plantation products before? What would interest you?

* These products were provided for my consideration by Beautyheaven, but my opinions, as always, are my own


  1. The oil cleanser sounds great! I find that oil cleansers are the way to go for removing heavy make up

  2. I've tried their macadamia oil & I love it. It's got lavender oil added, which I'm not usually too crazy about, but the smell makes it great for night time, it's so relaxing. I agree that oils are better at removing make up, I'm not a micellar water fan.

    1. I don't mind micellar water - I do like that it doesn't leave a film.

  3. Thursday plantation reminds me of my teenage years, I got my partner into it as well, he reckon it smells like baby powder :s

  4. I love their macadamia oil. Haven't tried any of their other products x

  5. Is tone correction oil is gud for oily skin????brigtenning oil


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