Recent Releases: Love & Sound by Essence and Superstar by Ulta3 *

Ok, let's be honest - hands up, those of you who fall for the term 'Limited Edition'. That's right, as I suspected, it's just about most of you. I myself certainly join the ranks of those seeking out that next interesting beauty hit, and for those who are looking for the cheap and cheerful, Essence and Ulta3 will have you searching for more!

Say hello to the Superstar Collection by Ulta 3 and Love and Sound by Essence!

The Superstar collection is made up of six nail polishes, four glitter eyeliners and four lipsticks. The lipsticks are Crescent Moon, Moonlight Mauve, Shooting Star and Supernova.

Supernova, pictured above, is a reddish brown shade and this glides across the lips quite comfortably, and ends with a metallic shimmer. It's also really quite creamy, and sits very nicely. I love this lipstick and it's currently a staple in my handbag. You can pick this up for the princely sum of $3.95.

Comet is a purple/silvery nail polish and I would love to get my hands on the others! The other polishes are Orbit, Plutonic, Meteorite, Galactic and Ozone, all of which are really gorgeous online! 

This. Is. Amazing! If you're not careful, it can get a little clumpy, but as long as you wipe off any excess before you pop it on the nails, you'll be able to get away with one coat. One coat! It's like a lavender blue on the nails and out of this world!

So affordable at $2.30 a bottle, you'll be picking up each and every shade!

As most of you Essence Cosmetics aficionados have probably already heard, their Love and Sound collection, which revolves around festival beauty, has been out in Priceline for the last couple of weeks. 

This collection is made up of three eye shadows, a bronzing paper, two lipsticks, an eyeliner pen, four nail polishes, one gorgeous ombre blush, and a couple of less make-uppy items, like cuticle tattoos and heel protection pads. 

I received the eyeshadow in 'Feel the Vibe', which is a cool, silver green. It has a great, velvety texture and gets on the brush easily. This has a bit of a pearly sheen to it, and while it's not quite my colour, it definitely has a Summery vibe! This retails for $5.75.

What I really would like to get my hands on, though, is that blush, but I haven't found it yet. Fingers crossed there is still one out there!

Have you checked out the Essence or Ulta3 products yet? Which one interests you more?

* These products were provided for my consideration, but in no way influenced my opinions


  1. Essence is such a great brand, they always have those great products that are awesome and you don't even break the bank hardly!! Love your post!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  2. I love Ulta3 polishes, the spacey names are cool, too! Hope these are available in my local chemists Ulta stand!

  3. $2.30 for a bottle of polish is almost unheard of! I love the look of the pearly eye shadow

    1. One of my favourite budget buys ever! Ulta3 is awesome.


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