Review: Be Beautiful EDT by Jessica Mauboy *

Jessica Mauboy - how cute is she? For an Australian singer, she has done a huge amount of collaborations with international artists, such as Ludacris and Flo-rida, and she has more than proven herself to be a formidable Australian talent. So, what else is a girl to do when she's conquered the musical front? Why, develop a perfume, of course!

Jessica Mauboy's latest release, aside from her single, 'This Ain't Love', is her scent, Be Beautiful. It comes in a gorgeous white box with zebra prints on the sides, and the cover art is that of a bottle, but in an abstract, splashy sort of way. It is apparently a manifestation of a tropical monsoon appearing on the northern horizon. There's also a lovely little poem on the back of the box that I won't type out here, so you can have a look at it just below.

The bottle itself is a stunner, and no wonder, given the inspiration behind the design! The tropical sea and blue skies give the bottle it's aqua-emerald hue. Just for that little bit of bling, there's also a little gold chain with the letter 'J' and a couple of jewels hanging off of it. I love how it all comes back to Jessica's upbringing in Darwin, and this brings a certain level of accessibility to a wholesome and down to earth celebrity.

As for the scent itself, it certainly lives up to the hype of being an aquatic floral. Given the notes in it, you can see why. When creating this fragrance, Jessica was also asked to think of it as a song, hence the lyrics, melody and rhythm that you can see, bringing it all together.

Top notes/Lyrics: Aquatic notes, Green Apple, Cucumber
Heart notes/Melody: Waterlily, Transparent Florals, Cyclamen, Magnolia, Frangipani
Base notes/Rhythm: Skin Musks, Vetiver, Driftwood, White Amber

This is a lovely, light fragrance that invokes thoughts of being on the beach, and that crisp freshness of a bright Spring morning filled with promises and hope.

This hits stores on the 30th of October, and you have three options:
1) Be Beautiful EDT 50 ml $24.95
2) Be Beautiful EDT 100 ml $34.95
3) Be Beautiful EDT 50 ml 3 piece set, including body lotion 100 ml and shower gel 100 ml $29.95

What's your favourite celebrity scent? Will you be spritzing this when it comes out?

Image courtesy of Platinum MC

* This product was provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own


  1. mmm sounds nice! love celebrity scents, there's too many I love to chose from lol x

    1. This is lovely and light - just great for Summer!

  2. The bottle is beautiful! This sounds like my type of perfume - aquatic notes and water lily :D

  3. So pretty, dresses up any dressing table. Its such a fresh colour as well.

  4. i love the analogy of lyrics, melody and rhythm to the perfumes top, heart and base notes. I also love the inspiration behind the creation of this fragrance. I'll definitely have a test spritz of this fragrance when it hits the stores.

  5. The bottle is so pretty, but the cardboard box really takes the cake! :D


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