Halloween Swap With That Little Beauty Blog!

Happy Halloween, gorgeous loves! This year, I participated in a swap organised by Bloggers United, and I was given the lovely Samantha, who is one of the WA representatives for Bloggers United, and she was in turn given me.

I had the best fun buying for her, but I'm afraid she outdid me by getting me goodies that are much better than what I got for her - I squealed a few times when I unwrapped it all! Without further ado, let me show you what I got in the mail recently.

She managed to pack most of the pretty things, which she wrapped, into this lovely blue box, and she even cleverly reused the ribbon I placed on her box to keep this shut. For the things she couldn't fit in there, she wrapped them in cute pink paper.

Here's what I found when I unwrapped the paper:

Ok, I ask for a cat calendar every year at Christmas - so this is fantastic!

I also don't know how she found this cute little note book in Kmart, seeing as I never find anything this adorable there. 

She also picked up the following pretty things:

This keratin hair mask is another product from Kmart, and has a great kinda reusable design. If it works well on my hair, and I'm always looking for good hair masks to try, then I'll know where to find them!

I found this Nivea lip balm in Soft Rose, and as this is a product I've never tried before, I'm pretty excited to break it out!

She included this cute little candle, which has lychee and black tea written on a little tag, that I might whisk away with me at a later date for a spot of fragrant happiness.

She also placed this lovely tub of scrub in the box, and I think we all know how I feel about scrubs - I adore them! This is a brand I've never heard of, and I've just had a look on their site and seen a whole bunch of flavours I'd love to try! Oh Deer Sugar is a vegan and cruelty free brand that I look forward to exploring.

Last, but not least, this lovely doll got me a Melted Lipstick by Too Faced in Melted Peony, which has a great, long lasting formula. Given that I have it in two different shades, I can honestly say, it's just not enough, so welcome to the family, Melted Peony!

Apparently, she also has some other items coming in the mail that she meant to include (I can't imagine what else!), but these are what I've gotten so far. You can find Samantha over at That Little Beauty Blog, where she waxes lyrical on pretty things!

What are you all doing tonight? Did you get swapping too?


  1. Omg! What a great swap!! my eyes went straight to too faced! I went to jurassic lounge last night, it was a fun filled night!

  2. An awesome swap!!! Great goodies! Kmart is really stepping up their game!

  3. You got some great goodies in your Halloween swap :)

    1. I certainly did! Samantha did such a great job!

  4. What a great surprise gift! So much fun!
    I just signed up for the Christmas swap with bloggers United! I can't wait to buy for my recipient!

    1. Same here! Who knows - you might get me or I you!

  5. Ah, such a fun swap! I'm drooling over the Too Faced Melted lippie (and the candy corn) especially! xo




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