Review: Elucent Anti-Ageing Skincare Range and Whitening Eye Cream *

Sometimes, I think about what it means to be a beauty blogger, and honestly, I think the best answer is that, to me, being a beauty blogger means having a mad passion about makeup and skincare products, and nothing thrills me more than having the chance to try out something completely different and unfamiliar to me. On a tangent, can I say, despite what friends and family say sometimes, I am an extremely easy person to buy for - honestly - just get makeup!

But, I digress. On the theme of new things, however, let me introduce you to the range I've been trying out on my skin for the last couple of months! Elucent's Anti-Ageing Skincare Line is what I've been busy slathering on my skin, and here are my thoughts on it!

First off, SPF 30+? Yes, please! Who doesn't love SPF in their daily moisturiser (and please, don't put your hands up if you don't - I don't think I can face that sort of trauma)? This moisturiser comes in a pump bottle containing 95 ml of product, making it a hygienic delivery system. It is meant to restore, which is where the anti-ageing part comes in, I suppose, and protect, and that would be the SPF.

It has a faint whiff of sunscreen, and what I do like is the consistency of the moisturiser itself. It is quite light and has a medium-type consistency, and sinks into the skin quite easily. It works well on my face, and the skin itself feels nice and smooth, ready for makeup!

This little lovely contains Vitamins B3 and E, as well as 4% AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). You will find this for $49.99.

This was the last product I eased into the routine, and you'll understand why in a second. Containing 16% AHAs, Vitamins B3, C and E, this little tube of 30 ml packs quite a punch! It's said to smooth and firm, and smooth it does! This actually feels a little silicone-like on the skin, and as far as firming goes, I don't think I have enough sag for it to make a big difference, but it does seem to help maintain things.

You can get this for $49.99.

I love this cleanser! First off, it comes in the now familiar packaging - reassuringly sturdy bottle with a pump that contains 140 g of cleanser. The cleanser itself has a runny, gel-like consistency with gorgeous shimmer through it, which enables me to feel like a mermaid in the shower.

The cleanser is meant to purify and revitalise, and has a low level of AHAs, coming in at 2%, as well as Vitamins B3 and E. This leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean without that stripped of oils sensation. 

This retails for $29.99.

While I like the design of the jar for the night moisturiser, I think we all know how I feel about bottles vs jars. That said, this has a nice heft to it, and has that lovely silver and white combination with neat lettering, making it a rather minimalist looking container.

You will find 8% AHAs and Vitamins B3, E and C in 50 g of product, and this cream has a medium to thick consistency that doesn't take long to be absorbed. This is meant to regenerate and hydrate and I have found my skin to tingle the most with this. This can be bought for $49.99.

Overall, I have found this entire range to work really well on my skin. While I'm not battling any major ageing concerns, I have been keeping an eye on a few fine lines and freckles. I think that it has been quite helpful in hydrating and brightening the skin, and while it hasn't performed any crazy miracles, I do think that the range has been helping keep things at bay for me.

The important thing to remember with this particular range is to ease yourself into it, and just to be very cautious for those who have sensitive skin. Keep in mind too that AHAs may also make your skin more sensitive to daylight, so it's a good thing they have something with SPF 30+ in the range!

I have also been using the eye cream in conjunction with this range, and I've quite liked using it! This little baby comes in a tube with a screw cap and a nozzle that dispenses a small amount of eye cream each time, hygienically. 

This is stuffed with goodies, like emblica fruit extract, safflower seed oi and vitamins B3 and E. This is meant to even skin tone, brighten and energise. I have found this to hydrate the skin quite well, but not particularly whiten the skin, which is kinda good for me, as I'm not after having skin that's too white on my face! That said, the bags do look a little less, umm, baggy! I'm really liking this.

This retails for $49.99, and it's also worth checking out the rest of the Whitening range!

Elucent can be purchased at Chemist Warehouse. For more information, head to their site here.

* These products were provided for my consideration, but as always, my opinions are my own


  1. What a great review on the Elucent range! AHA's are suppose to be really great for the skin! SPF is great when it's included in your moisturiser !

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  2. I'd love to try the Whitening range. Great review, hun xx

  3. Beaut review TP, but then again, yours are always super interesting and helpful ♥ I need this whitening eye cream real bad - I have a few freckles just under my eyes (which I crop out of my EOTD pics) and they accentuate my baggies something shocking. Thanks doll! ♥

    1. You're crazy! There's never any evidence of bags!

  4. I like that they pack a fair few effective ingredients into their products, it would make the price tag a bit more worth it! Great review :)

  5. Amazing post dear! I love it:)

  6. I'm allll about the anti-aging, so this all sounds like music to my ears.

  7. The Whitening Eye Cream is a product my skin would definitely benefit from!

  8. Elucent products are amazing, I've been using their whitening range for a while and it's been doing great things for my skin. Haven't tried their anti ageing range.. however I probably should consider since I'm at the age where wrinkles are soon to be born and breed.


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