Ulta3 Advent Calendar


So, I've been a little be naughty, as I've been shopping again (just a little, not much, but still...), so I thought that instead of waiting for Santa to rock up with my present this year, I'd beat him to the punch and get my own! 

I spotted this gorgeous Ulta3 advent calendar on Instagram a couple of days ago and I used their store locator via Facebook to look up where I could get my hands on their Christmas limited edition products - as easy as that AND I didn't have to hit a number of different stores and face disappointment!

This contains twenty four little nail polishes and little doors, so that you can open one each day as part of your countdown to Christmas. They are smaller than the usual bottles of nail polishes, but no less cute!

I was really stoked when I found this, and I just HAD to pick up another one for a spontaneous giveaway!

This little giveaway is only on Instagram, so make sure you enter it!

Are you getting yourself an advent calendar? Which one are you looking at getting?


  1. Oh yes I am looking at getting one... this one - when I win lol
    I've never been lucky enough to come across this one in store - I'll probably have to settle for the Freddo Frog advent calendar like usual :)

    1. Haha! Hey, fingers crossed, I say! I don't think I've actually seen the Freddo Frog one.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for coming buy! Yes, but you have Wet n Wild and Hard Candy!

  3. Such a cute little calendar
    I have not seen it at my local store who stock ulta ��
    Lucky you enjoy playing with it

    1. Thanks! I hope whoever wins likes it as much!

  4. I love this!! Definitely a cute addition to the Xmas gifts.
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  5. This looks amazing! I like that we can count down to Christmas with a gorgeous little treat every day. ;)


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