Review: Murchison-Hume + 10% off code to Miss Pearl Store! *

I know that there are tons of people who would like to know what the alternatives are for cleansing products that are gentle on the environment and cruelty free, but don't find these products to be easy to source.

While I might not be the most domestically inclined person I know, I do happen to be the one responsible for all the cleaning at home (LOVE doing the laundry, really!), and as such, I should take better care when it comes to exposing myself to the toxins in my cleaning cabinet.

In step this little set by Murchison-Hume! The first question is - what exactly is Murchison-Hume and why on earth are these bottles so cute? Murchison-Hume is a company set up by a husband and wife team originally in Sydney, before they moved back to the States. 

The goal of the company was to create cleaning products that would be safe on animals, people and the environment, and this was brought on by their son's allergy to common household cleaners.

The bottles are a gorgeous dark brown with plain labels that have a very pretty illustration on the front. These bottles were inspired by old fashioned apothecary bottles and while these aren't made out of glass, they are certainly just as charming! 

So what exactly is in the travel kit?

The bag butler is meant to clean and condition your bags. This is silicone free and it's pretty easy to use. Just pop it on some clean cloth, then rub it into your leather bag before wiping it dry. I've tested this out on a pair of shoes and a bag so far, and from what I can see, it did a good job cleaning it - particularly my shoes, but those were definitely grimy! 

This travel safe friendly spray may be my favourite out of all of them! It has a great misting nozzle, and leaves the slightly hint of a scent behind. I find this comparable to other surface sprays that I use, and I'd be happy to purchase this again!

This everything soap is something that you can apparently use for EVERYTHING (ie. hair, skin, clothes), as the name would suggest. I have, so far, used it on my hands and it's worked as you'd expect soap to, but I haven't been game enough to try it out on laundry yet. That said, I'll be travelling to South East Asia next year, and I will definitely be needing to do some washing on the go, so this will likely be heading out with me then!

This has a gentle formula that doesn't seem to strip you of oils, making it feel all dry, and I can see why it's meant to be useful for everything. 

This little spray bottle of garment groom is meant to be a stain remover and fabric freshener all in one. I haven't had the need for a strain remover yet (which, honestly, is unbelievable, given that I'm super clumsy!), but as a fabric freshener, I found this to be a little mild.

These bottles are so cute, and I'll be honest - cleaning leather feels like a little less of a chore now, given that this kit is super pretty, and gentle on me! Non-toxic and non-flammable and good for the earth? That's definitely winning!

This particular travel friendly set retails for $34.95, and you'll get 100ml of these four different products scented with Australian White Grapefruit - subtle, but just citrusy enough for that just cleaned feeling! I believe the larger sizes come in a different scent (fig?) as well.

Miss Pearl Store specialises in some really excellent eco-friendly, cruelty free and often vegan brands that can be a little harder to source AND she offers free shipping! If you're interested in trying Murchison-Hume, or indeed, anything that you can find on Miss Pearl Store, now's the time! 

Until the 30th of November, you can use the code 'Leah' to get 10% off your purchases. I have made a couple of purchases from them before, and I can definitely recommend the O&M Seven Day Miracle hair masque.

Is this something you'd be interested in using? Which one would you go for? 

* These products were kindly provided for my consideration.