Bella Box October 2014!

Hello, hello!
Happy Thursday, everyone! Here's something awesome that I received a couple of days ago (which, incidentally, was running quite late already, but ironically, only the first of my four subscription boxes to arrive for the month of OCTOBER - pick up your game, Australia!) - my Bella Box, er, box!

This, or rather, last month's box is centred around Nicole Scherzinger, and her collaboration with It's also their third birthday box and it does feel like one.

Here's what's in the box! There are some very interesting things in here.

Let's break it down!

1) Kester Black for Bella Box Nail Polish in Coral Me Maybe (full size) - This is such a bright and Summery colour! I've been wanting to try this formula for ages, so thank goodness it finally turned up in one of my boxes. This is cruelty free and vegan - so, yay!

2) Boe Beauty Liquid Eye Liner in Metallic Purple (full size) -  Having tried five Boe Beauty products previously and finding that 40% of them worked on me, I can honestly say that I don't think I expect that much from this, but I can't wait to be proven wrong! Boe Beauty is exclusive to Big W.

3) Le Tan Fragrance Free Oil (full size) - An oil that contains SPF 30 and hydrates while you tan? Spectacular! I'm excited about using this instead of lotion!

4) Model Co - A number of samples from their new skincare line, which I also received last month in a different box.
- Instant Miracle Booster Brightening and Firming Serum
- Exfoliating Cream Facial Scrub
- Double Sided Facial Wipes
- Soothing Day and Night Moisturiser

5) Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub - Having used this before, I can honestly say that it's a nice little scrub with good sized particles and it does exfoliate the skin nicely, so it's a great addition to the box.

6) Mor Hand Cream in Neroli Clementine - I've tried this before and liked it - nuff said!

Three full size items in a box worth $38.09 that cost me $15? Yes, please! For those looking for more information on Bella Box, head over here.

Does this box appear to be birthday worthy to you? What's your favourite from this lot?


  1. Ohh love the colour of the Kester Black polish! I always think summer oils should smell like coconut - but you don't like that scent do you? - so it's weird to see a fragrance free one - bonus for you? I've never seen a sunscreen oil before, and I'm really interested to know your thoughts on it x

    1. It's like a strange aversion! Sometimes I like it, but mostly I try to steer clear of it, and occasionally, I surprise myself by liking the scent.

  2. I would love to try the kester black nail polish ,,,love the bright red colour
    Sunscreen oil hmmm nvr heard of it let me know what you think of it please ��

    1. Looks like I might have to catch some rays, then!

  3. Not a bad box! $20 for the nail polish, wow! I love the colour though, definitely nice and bright for this season.

  4. Nice! I've heard nothing but great things about Kester Black nail polishes :)


    1. I've heard that too! I can't wait to use it!

  5. Not too bad! But I think I'd still prefer this month's LHI box, mainly because I don't use a lot of tanning products... but I might fake tan this summer :)

    1. I can't wait for my LHI to get here! I haven't even received the email yet!


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