October Her Fashion Box Review!

I love getting the mail and quite honestly, who wouldn't, if you were getting yummy boxes of deliciousness in the form of a Her Fashion Box subscription?

Every now and then, a real beauty of a box would crop up and while I thought that was last month's, the had to go and prove me wrong by coming out with October's!

First things first, yes, they're late again, which isn't great, but this box has been totally worth the wait! For those interested, I have a subscription to the feminine box, the other two options being trendy and classic, all of which cost $39.95 per month. Here's everything in it!

1) Dhalia Bag - This bag! Not only is it the cutest light pink, but it is a great size and has an adorable clasp! The only way I could hate this would be if it fell apart after one use.

2) Azure Scarf - This scarf is a little bit not quite what I'd necessarily reach for, but I like the challenges that HFB throws at me, and I can't wait to use that in an outfit!

3) omSHE Aromatherapy Baked Mineral Eye Shadow in Vamana - I love the trio of shades that I received, as their warm shades and they make me think if a Mediterranean Summer - baked to perfection!

4) Coral Colours Eye Pencil in Magnetic Midnight - I have only ever tried a brow pencil from coral colours before, and that didn't end so well, with it smudging and running a little throughout the day, so fingers crossed this is better!

5) Flawless Fusion Blending Sponge - The beauty sponge! Ahh..... So popular, so duplicated. I have a beauty blender, so I'm looking to see how they compare. This could be a more affordable alternative.

6) Eyelash Curler - I received something similar about a year or so ago from HFB, and I actually use it regularly, in addition to my other eyelash curler. It's quite decent, so I'm happy to get another one.

As a freebie, I got the Cedel scented hairspray in Oriental Blossom, which I just received recently in a different box. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but my coconut version of this is running out soon, so I'll be able to crack into this then!

I'm so happy with this box, I don't think the November box could be any better!


  1. Oh the little bag is so cute! When my Lust have it sub runs out early next year I reckon I might sub to something like this for a try :)

    1. It's worth it! They DO run a little late (boo), but I find that more often than not, I love what I'm sent, and it also sets a fashion challenge for me.

  2. the scarf is very pretty it reminds me of one of Hermez's designs ;)


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