Review: Lady Jayne Tangl-eze Detangling Hairbrush

As technology advances, so do the little things in life, apparently! The once modest hair brush, created for the sole purpose of helping to keep one's crowning glory under control has now under gone several different changes, resulting in my current favourite taming tool - Lady Jayne's Tangl-Eze Detangling Hairbrush!

The first question is - what on earth is this, and why are there so many versions of it floating around right now? There has been an influx of detangling brushes on the market recently, ranging in prices and spanning a number of brands, and why not? Doesn't everyone want to be able to brush their hair without wincing? I know I do! 

Lady Jayne version, the Tangl-Eze, costs $12.99 and can be found at a number of pharmacies, including my favourite, Priceline! 

I won one of these not long ago, and it's proven itself to be a worthy addition on my dresser. This little baby comes in a variety of different colours, and it also comes with it's very own 'clip on' case, which is makes it very handy for travel, and ensures that the bristles don't get ruined in the meantime.

As you can see, the bristles are quite short, and I have to hold small sections of my hair just so I can run the brush through them in order to get to the tangled bits out at the ends. 

This does a good job of brushing without tugging, and as a result, this also means that there's less fall out and you're less likely to find a hairball stuck on your brush at the end of a session. Additionally, mine's a great hot pink colour, so I'm officially excited about this great tool!

The downside of this brush is that, due to the length of the bristles, I don't find that I get as much of a head massage as I normally would get with my paddle brush.

Otherwise, this is an excellent investment for those looking for a brush that doesn't believe in the philosophy, no pain, no gain, and is gentle to your scalp instead.

Have you tried one of these? Are you interested in such a product?


  1. ohh what an excellent bush! I like that it is sooo compact and would fit in a bag super nice
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  2. been wanting to get detangling brush :D love the hot pink color that you have!


  3. I should probably take mine out and start using it! I get tangled hair every morning, but I thought the little bristles wouldn't be able to with-hold my tangleness!

    1. Give it a try and let me know how you get on with it!!


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