Weekend round up!

Happy Monday!

The weekend was lovely, but as always, just a little too short! I went to the last remaining drive-in in Blacktown with Mr Prince, who, knowing that it was one of my favourite places, suggested it for date night. We watched ‘The Wolverine’ and ‘It’s a good day to die hard’, which was a horrifically bad movie, but ‘The Wolverine’ was good! There were also some guys there in an old school Chevy, like something out of the 50s, and totally fit in at the drive-in, which brings me to my next point!

I picked up a little something from the Essence Limited Edition 50s Girls Reloaded range, which is currently in Target. I was restrained, and only picked up one nail polish in dark metallic blue. It’s called ‘I’m a Marine Girl’, and I can’t wait to use it! Here are some pictures:

Here are the details! I love their limited edition ranges! And all so affordable!