Minor Priceline haul!

I popped into Priceline today to pick up a couple of things on special. With it being 24 degrees today (I know! In the middle of Winter!!!), I got super sweaty, which made me think of how much worse it would be in the Summer. As much as I love Summer, I don’t like the sticky and, umm, certain odours from others. I mean, people, is it that hard to remember to slap on some deodorant when you are heading out the door?

To be nice to people, I bought this clinical protection deodorant by Dove, and along the theme of being nice to people, I bought this Nanoblur for my mama for only $19.99 on sale! I also popped by Haigh’s and got Mr Prince a dark chocolate frog. Yay! I like picking up little things like this to make him happy.

What a satisfactory trip to Priceline!