Today, we’re going to have a peek at what I get done once a month. I was introduced to brow waxing and shaping when I was 16 years old, and didn’t think I’d ever change, but earlier in the year, I was reintroduced to the joy of threading and that was it - it was love at second sight.

I first got threading done in NY when I was visiting my sister, and I didn’t think much of it then. Maybe it was my inexperience, or perhaps it wasn’t very good, but I love it now. I find that my regrowth takes a lot longer, and I can get by with about 1 session a month, plucking out the stray hairs in between, which makes it ridiculously affordable to have well maintained brows, so I have no excuse for looking like a slob.

While I’m getting my brows done, I also have my lashes and brows tinted. This makes my eyes pop just a little bit more, although there was one session where my aesthetician was a little heavy handed and I didn’t realise I was walking around looking like the mono brow  baby from the Simpsons until a good few hours later! Miss SC says I look like a Lannister with freshly done brows, which I take as a compliment. Makes it so much easier to do an evil arch! Sorry for the overwhelmingly bad picture!


For Sydneysiders looking for a good place to get your brows and eyelash extensions done, go to  Tantrix Tanning, conveniently located on George Street, in the Dymocks building. They have amazing specials, such as $33 for 3 brow threading OR waxing sessions, and it’s valid for 12 months after purchase and can be used at any point during that time.

Please note: I was not paid to do this review and it was written without any input from the company.