High tea at Crossroads Bar, Swissotel


Two posts already! I’m on a roll! I still have some other reviews for boxes that I haven’t put up yet, so keep your eyes peeled!

Today, to celebrate just being happy (good enough a reason to celebrate!), I took my other half out to high tea at Crossroads Bar in Swissotel, Sydney. I’ve been to a bunch of high tea places, and while I don’t consider myself an expert, I’m certainly no novice, so I went into this with high expectations. I did get this discounted at $49 (I think), instead of the retail price of $90.

First off, this is the outfit I wore:

And I was rocking it! Thanks very much to a great friend of mine who passed me the top. Here are the leggings up close:

My little ankle boots went well with the outfit - thank goodness I didn’t wear my tall boots! It was 23 degrees today and felt really warm! I would have been super sweaty.

This was what we got:

Up close of the sweets:
When we got there, we were greeted warmly by the counter staff, got a lovely window seat (not much of a view, however), then got presented with a very drinkable glass of bubbly.

Beyond that, however, we were on our own! We were informed that we had to get our own tea or coffee from a stand in the middle of the bar, and we were given a three-tiered stand without any explanation of what was on it! Also, when we got to the scones, I found this on one of the saucers:

Seriously? A sticker on this? Not impressed!

Overall, the eats were good. We had a mix of pastrami, tuna, antipasto and egg savory bites, as well as 2 scones, 1 plain and 1 raisin, to share between the two of us. The sweet eats were a chocolate tart, strawberry and cream waffle, berry yogurt type thing and green cake. Please note that as we were not told of what anything was, we had to pretty much guess everything!

In conclusion, I think that for what I paid, this was ok. There’s a lot of room for improvement, but the staff was friendly. I was thrown off by the lack of teapots and explanation, even if the food was tasty.

I would rate this: