Savvy by DB - Eye of the Artist nude/naked palette

I love a sale! I particularly love it when it happens at about the same time that you’re looking to buy a certain item and you get in at just the right time!

Here’s what I got from Priceline recently:

That’s the inside of it, all laid out nicely. Here’s the outside:

Here are some close ups:

Does it remind you of any other iconic palette yet? I don’t personally have it (but would soooo love this), but from what I can tell, it looks a lot like the Urban Decay Naked palette, which is about 10 times what this little baby cost me. I got this for $7 (originally a whopping $10) at Priceline, and I can’t wait to try it out! I don’t expect this to be an exact dupe, but I think for $7, it’s hard to go too wrong!